Zhang Jike-Yan An (Harmony China Open 2011 Semifinal)

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29 Responses to “Zhang Jike-Yan An (Harmony China Open 2011 Semifinal)”

  1. hello520111 says:

    this yan is not going to be famous…. he just does not have the look…. plain ugly.

  2. EdMajinLee199999 says:

    Zhang placed many of his shots in Yan’s pocket forcing him to commit to either a forehand or backhand shot with his footwork, and depending on which side Yan chose Zhang would attack the open court next ball. Very good tactic imo.

  3. Wilbeerthoven says:

    Fist one i mean!

  4. Wilbeerthoven says:

    Yan An is awesome! If he had won that second game the story would be different!

  5. Microbaul says:

    @scylla24 Yan An’s forehand is quite powerful I would say, but his backhand needs improvement.

  6. scylla24 says:

    @TheHeidi24 hmm well I think Zhang Jike’s backhand has always been really good, and always been his main strength. I am not sure it has improved a lot, or just that Yan An style seems predominately get things back on the table, and doesn’t seem to have that much killing power.

  7. Microbaul says:

    Yan An’s backhand sucks.

  8. itmayconcern1117 says:


  9. lupzhero says:

    Yan An beat Wang Hao and Xu Xin and he’s only 18
    very impressive

  10. perniciousnc says:

    @mlw22160 i think the chinese national team is the one who is worrying abt the age thing the most, since they dont want to accept players actually lets talented than they expect. the national team actually do BONE TEST nowadays to confirm the age.

  11. mlw22160 says:

    Keep in mind that it is common practice for many Chinese players to alter their official age when they are still very young in order to get an extra edge in the ultra-competitive world of Chinese table tennis. My guess is that Yan An is at least 19 or 20.

  12. VanDoorenVid95 says:

    Only 18 years old? oo

  13. DimaKats2 says:

    Yan an is just 18

  14. perniciousnc says:

    zhang jike’s technique is just beautiful

  15. TheHeidi24 says:

    Is it it just me or has Zhang jike improved his backhand really ?

  16. GStabletennis says:

    Zhang Jike is starting to walk and move like Ma Lin between points.

  17. abugz26 says:


  18. lupzhero says:

    I wanna see Yan An vs. Wang Hao
    That vid is not on ittf :/

    Yan An impressive where he is right now

  19. PreppyPoser1 says:

    @jed424 How stupid, and you didn’t even leave a good comment.

  20. BollForte94 says:

    @jed424 You are my herooo …..

  21. jperssonisthebest says:

    thnx for uploading :)

  22. jperssonisthebest says:

    @jed424 awsooome! ^^

  23. jed424 says:


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