Yan An-Xu Xin (Harmony China Open 2011 Quarterfinal)

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28 Responses to “Yan An-Xu Xin (Harmony China Open 2011 Quarterfinal)”

  1. rosun82 says:

    @blkhwk737 So what? He is only 18

  2. plot000000 says:

    more young talent. there are still some top ranked chinese players that haven’t played major tournaments in years.

  3. ydss2005054 says:

    fuckin’ luck

  4. tural1999ttking says:

    yan an is realy good

  5. blkhwk737 says:

    Yan… Sportsmanship,I don’t think so, I has the chance to watch a couple of his matches alive in the universiade games, and he’s not that good of a sportsman… He’s kinda egocentric and quite rude when playing, with really bad attitude when he thinks he is better than the other player. Fang Bo is way more kind as a person. On the other hand, can’t deny Yan is a really great player with a strong will to be on the top.

  6. Razorshardz says:

    I believe he tried to do a drop shot, but he hit it too lightly.

  7. quickzilver333 says:

    Very smart play by Yan An!!! He did not engaged Xu Xin into a forehand battle.

  8. DarrenSnelOutlet says:

    The Chinese want to show off another upcoming star, must be that time of the year again…

  9. evangelia96 says:

    And he’s only 18

  10. stoja2305 says:


  11. DimaKats2 says:

    What did he do at 3:54? He switched to shakehand hold and he realized that he wouldn’t hit the ball properly, but too late. Only Ma Lin can do this very good =]

  12. sabolindale says:

    Good Match ! YA is the next super star…

  13. tanxu says:

    xu relaxed in game 2 or else could have easily won

  14. perniciousnc says:

    yan is good at playing straight lines.
    n xuxin still got obvious backhand defensive problem

  15. PreppyPoser1 says:

    @drusha1 But Xu Xin isn’t really that good anyhow. Ma Lin and Wang Hao are the best though. Ma Lin currently has a wrist injury.

  16. andychiu2009 says:

    Yan An has good sportmanship, are u kidding?

  17. KaxMisha says:

    @CrawSpecificated Come on man, Xu Xin could have won if he kept his focus? Who are you kidding? Yan An should have closed this out in five and only let the fifth game slip due to inexperience. He’s really turning out to be quite a player. Shame that he has such fugly strokes, though. I could never appreciate a player who plays like that. I still hope that Fang Bo will turn out to be better than him in the end. Ah well, always nice to see Xu Xin and his illegal serves lose! :D

  18. MrPoorplay says:

    To me, this match is more interesting than the final match…
    Thanks for uploading!

  19. rojak17 says:

    Great match. Yan An seemed to have Xu Xin’s game worked out quite well. He kept catching Xu out with those forehands down the line. Also did Xu seem a little disheartened throughout the whole match?

  20. Ashkamitsu says:

    3:49 ^^

  21. drusha1 says:

    classic exploitation of penhold disadvantage. last score drills in the point

  22. sauloemanueldr says:

    yang an stays so close to the table

  23. CrawSpecificated says:

    Yan An, ranked 164 in the world, maybe the most underrated player at the moment. He’s friendly, nice to watch, displays good sportmanship…i like him! Still if Xu kept his focus during the whole match, he could’ve won. Great match.

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