With regards to SEO, does google “like it” when your site is commonly updated. What other factors play a role?

Question by jeff_cougsfan: With regards to SEO, does google “like it” when your site is commonly updated. What other factors play a role?
I know there’s all sorts of things that go into google’s algorithm, but what are the heavily weighted ones?

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Answer by affiliates999
google loves new content and your site will be crawled more if you update your content. check out my site for on page seo tips like Title tags,


tags, alt “” and bold/italics

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  1. allwebprofit.com says:

    Googlebot will recognize during it’s crawls how often you update your content and adjust it’s crawl rate if you are adding fresh content frequently.

    You can also let Googlebot know how often to crawl and which pages are important by setting up a ‘sitemap’.

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  2. Affiliate Eden says:

    Yes, Google loves fresh content.
    Also look at your page title, make your headline the same. Optimize your meta description for your keywords, use anchor text for internal navigation.
    Google loves backlinks, especially from “authority” sites. Try to get backlinks with your anchor text rather than just the “www etc”.
    Hope that helps a little.

  3. Banana Vortex says:

    This post of yours is a good example; you only added the question a few hours ago, yet it’s already positioned at #1 on Google:

    Content on Yahoo answers is continually updated providing a source for new, updated textual content – which Google likes.

  4. Phil B. says:

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  5. anomaly says:

    Yes, Google does love new content that is updated, in fact Googlebot is addicted to new unique content.

    The amount of new content you need, needs to be aligned with the amount of external link juice being sent to your site.

    What you need to do is balance the amount of new content to the amount of Pagerank being sent to the site from the links you have got from other sites.

    Links to a website are link fuel for a car.
    The better the links, the better the car (website) performs.

    Make sure your new content is unique, Google does not like duplicate content and penalises for it.

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