Why is Google considered such a better company/search engine than Yahoo?

Question by jnore23: Why is Google considered such a better company/search engine than Yahoo?
I prefer to use Yahoo for my searches and I find it a more convenient web page in general. I understand that marketing revenue is a huge part of these companies, but the reason Google gets more marketing revenue is because more people log on to their website rather than Yahoo. Can someone please explain why Google is considered better than Yahoo?

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Answer by imisidro
Because many people are actually finding the stuff they want in Google. I personally never use Yahoo because it gives rubbish for the searches I am doing and stick with Google — and apparently many people agree with me.

As of January 2006, market shares of search companies are

Google = 40.6%
Yahoo = 28.8%
MSN = 2.5%


Google is focused on search, while Yahoo has too many things going for them. A couple of years ago, there was an article (either BusinessWeek or Business 2.0) comparing Google and Yahoo side by side – and the results showed that Google plows a higher percent of their profits into research, while Yahoo focuses on marketing. Because of Google’s high Research and Development spending, they are able to develop better algorithms that produces better results.

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8 Responses to “Why is Google considered such a better company/search engine than Yahoo?”

  1. OD says:

    Ahem … If you are using Firefox… which you should be, you can customise the whole browser to your liking, including toolbars. Google offers more than one toolbar, one of which can change to suit your search, and another which shows a search page similar but better to that of Yahoo as it is fully compatible with Mcafee Site advisor! The main toolbar still doe’s the job of taking you directly to the homepage of the site you want.

  2. roybean_n says:

    I find yahoo to be too ‘busy’. Google is simpiler to look at, and better search results, I can usually find what a need right away.

  3. Millie says:

    coz google is the best in terms of producing the search results….everytime i use it i get exactly what i search for.

  4. dannysullivan says:

    Google came along in 1998 at a time when the other major search engines had neglected search — including Yahoo. It introduced a new ranking mechanism based on links, which greatly increased the relevancy of its results. People flocked to it because at that time and for the next few years, it WAS better.

    Today, the relevancy of the major search engines is very similar. Yahoo often beats Google on some queries; Google beats Yahoo on others. The ranking mechanisms are no longer so different. However, the perception remains. Google built a great brand, so people continue to stick with it — just as people often stick with other brands even if there are better products out there.

  5. Ramona J says:

    Although I am on Yahoo Answers, I like Goggle better. Yahoo needs to get better in the search game, I use it and it gives me a headache with all the rubbish type of search results I get.

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