Why I cant find my web site in google or yahoo search results.?

Question by Spam: Why I cant find my web site in google or yahoo search results.?
is there any simple steps for how to put my html web site in to the gogle’s or yahoo’s search results..

i’m not marketing anything i just want to find my web site with google..

maybe i should change the code or smth.. i’m not a prof web designer so?/
i need some simple and understandable tutorials or steps for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION …

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Answer by Mahl
I work on a website as an administrator. I know searching for that site in google, it comes up first, and it might be because the webmaster uses Google ads on the site. That could be why.

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13 Responses to “Why I cant find my web site in google or yahoo search results.?”

  1. benjo says:

    I’m not suche computer freak but i think you have to type in the correct words of your description our maybe there are to many other pages that have a very commune description.But i’m sure that your website is on google because google has very good programs who looks on all the website on words or description who are the same as the tipped words,but with yahoo i’m not so sur because yahoo is like an catalog which is only sorting by the words and utilities of the websites.(Sorry for my bad spelling i’m French)

  2. lovinglife2511 says:

    I would try submitting your website to Google and Yahoo by inputting the revalent information onto a specific page on their website. Google’s is http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl but I can’t find Yahoo’s. This makes the search engines aware of your website.

    It can take up to two weeks for the search engine to input, but if it still isn’t there, try again.

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