Why can’t Yahoo! take contructive criticism?

Question by bruermaster: Why can’t Yahoo! take contructive criticism?
Twice in the past week I have posted a question regarding Yahoo!’s liberal bias, and in both cases my account was deleted. Is this really what Yahoo! thinks is going to get them on top of the search engine market? I have already made the switch to Google and will be blocking Yahoo!’s site from all of our company computers. I sure hope others will wake up and join me. By the way Yahoo!, this is a question. I am asking why you refuse to be fair, and why you choose to delete the accounts of those who disagree with your point of view.

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Answer by winnie
Wow, does this really happen? Yikes.
I was going to say, to answer the ‘why’ part… Probably the same reason anyone can’t take ‘constructive criticism’, because people (or in this case, companies), don’t like to hear that they may be doing something that some would consider ‘wrong’.
Sorry about your accounts!

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  1. sunshine lollypops says:

    haha i just like the fact that this is obvisouly your third account and they still let you in even though they deleted you twice already lol. They probably are just a big company who doesn’t want little nobodys questioning their ethics and they way they do things. A big corporate scam. But i dont think it should be happening, cause I thought that was the point of the site to be able to ask questions and freely express what you want, after all we are a democratic society, free speech people. — good luck

  2. Gent says:

    It may not be Yahoo.

    Have you considered the possibility of a more sinister organisation at work?

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