Why are the search results in Baidu so different from the other reputable search engines?

Question by Qin Hui: Why are the search results in Baidu so different from the other reputable search engines?
I tried to compare the search results on Baidu with those on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos and AOL. For the same search term, the search results on all search engines except Baidu were having a consistent pattern, at least on the top page. If there was a wikipedia article on the search term, wikipedia link definitely figured on the top page. But Baidu seems to be clueless about the wikipedia article. For the search term “British Newspaper”, the first link that it provides is a China Daily article.

Is Baidu more about marketing and propaganda and less for SEARCH? Or the rankings on Baidu are all bought and paid for like everything is in China?

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Answer by Nina
BAIDU is not as strong as GOOGLE, but most chinese choose baidu

chinese are used to searching by baidu which would offer chinese language links firstly

baidu also has a function just like WIKI, so“` it prefers to display its owns

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  1. .44 Redhawk says:

    One big difference here is Google, Yahoo and AOL are all huge international used and respected search engines. This baidu is only used in one country and has no credibilty in any nations outside of where it was created. It is not thought of as a true search engine but a part of a governments attempt at controlling its population. Google and the other search engines were designed by well respected computer companies that keep their business out of most nations politics while this baidu is a product of politics. Like the saying goes”When in China do as the CCP tells you”. LOL, ignorance is not as bliss as many would you like to think.

  2. Cultural Insight says:

    All search engines exist not only to make profit but also to provide useful search results. Unfortunately Baidu has always been more commercial than any other search engine. Their search spider is pathetic in performance and their ranking algorithm is third grade, still they have managed to garner the biggest market share in China. This is because of the reason that they make it easier for the users to find pirated and illegal music and videos and most Chinese searches are related to entertainment.

    Your answer provides me an opportunity to shed light on the shady deals of this unethical search engine Baidu. Here’s a glimpse of that

    * When the Sanlu scandal was first revealed, it was rumored that Baidu accepted 3 million RMB from Sanlu to block out search results that consist negative images of the notorious milk company. They used their connections with CCP to suppress an inquiry.

    * A sales plan leaked from the inside validates the claim that Baidu does try to manipulate and censor search results for commercial purposes. This sales plan provides value-added services that offer PR protections such as deletion of negative news, blockout of search links, and manipulation of topics for the companies who pay it handsomely.

    * It offers a “bid ranking service”. Several website owners bid for a particular place in Baidu’s search page for a given set of search words. Obviously none of these bidders would want to get a place on second or twenty second page. Does wikipedia pay to enhance its ranking?

    * They mix the organic search results with the paid search results and thus deceiving their users. Paid search results are invariably placed before the organic search results. That means, if 20 customers buy the same keyword, the first organic search result will be found on page three.

    * If you can read Chinese, you might like to check this link http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/69865.htm
    Fake drug websites put their links on the top of corresponding Baidu search results pages through “bidding.”

    * Baidu blocks out those websites who decline to apply for the “ranking bid” service.

    * Baidu claims to cover 95% of Chinese netizens, and 80% of its revenue come from “ranking bids.”

    Baidu’s unethical trade practices are too numerous to mention here. Baidu is a whore for sale, for the highest bidder.

  3. me no eat your cat says:

    the same reason why Sanlu, melamine milk, and jasmine keywords are blocked, censored, diverted and returns error page result. China conceals the truth, Baidu is no exception

  4. star says:

    I never use Baidu,
    The results are not correct at all.
    I prefer google.

  5. BShimwoman says:

    Baidu optimizes Chinese language search results. Google and Yahoo are useless with Chinese language searches.

    Your reference to Wikipedia is hysterical. Wikipedia is the default search result for everything on Google and Yahoo. Both search services have been repeatedly criticized in American and European media for over-reliance on Wikipedia.

    A strong anti-China bias resonates through your question. Instead of wallowing in your irrational hatred of Chinese people, I suggest that you focus on education and becoming less xenophobic.

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