Who is the most successful/best SEO company out there that can gurantee results?

by tm-md

Question by Touchdown C: Who is the most successful/best SEO company out there that can gurantee results?

How much would they charge?

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Answer by Jhanvi
IMHO no one can give you guarantee for rank 1. And if any one is saying you such than do not believe.

It is possible that one can take you to rank 1 with lots of efforts and this can be done bye any SEO but no one can Guarantee. Because all search engines have their own secret algorithm to give SERP to any site. No one knows it. So look at the portfolio of any company regarding SEO and decide yourself.

Good Luck

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  1. Trustman says:

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  2. Janeth D says:

    I’d think asking for the best SEO is going to get you lots of links from people associated with the sites they are linking to. Not the best way to find the best SEO.

    Finding the right SEO for you depends on a lot of different factors. Just because I found a good SEO for me and my business does not mean he will be the right one for you and your business.

    You first need to understand what it is your wanting to do.

    For example,

    I’m about to start a marketing business. My goal is not to rank for the keyword marketing but to rank for 20,000 other keywords associated with the marketing industry.

    It requires content and backlinks.

    I can hire a writer and get some people to post on social media sites to accomplish my goal.

  3. Sri says:

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  4. Dave says:

    Anyone that guarantees that they can give u “#1 rankings” is a liar, but there are a multitude of companies that can definitely help you rank higher. SEO Firms produce good results, but you’ll wind up spending too much money.

    Use a professional freelancer. They charge less than firms and produce equal if not better results. This is because they tend to focus more time on your website than SEO Firms do (SEO Firms tend to pass along work to non-experienced interns which can hurt your site).

    I used a guy named Eric..his e-mail is SEOWebTwo0@gmail.com (or at least was when I used him) after bouncing around from firm to firm. Produced better great results.

  5. vicseo says:

    The most successful/best SEO company is the major search engines, themselves. They even offer SEO tutorials which really work. Unfortunately, when you examine the metatags of any number of so-called “experts,” you will find any number of spamdexed, loaded entries which artificially elevate their websites and subject them to possible reporting to spamreport@google.com, for example, which will have their websites summarily removed from Google’s database.

    Rather than hire an SEO company, why not read a Google tutorial which is presented below. The tips really work!

    You may want to consider some simple algorithms which,
    when observed and committed in designing of a website
    with placement of various critical metatags that can
    surely achieve a high search engine presence and
    increase Internet traffic to your website. These
    metatag strategies work well with published webpages
    at Google and Yahoo.

    Placement of Metatags:

    A ranking or search order does take place with Google
    and Yahoo and it begins with the “Title” metag which
    should consist of no more than 65 characters separated
    by commas. The “Title” should describe in generic
    terms, the goods and services, followed by a location
    from which the resource is located, i.e., city, state.
    The placement of a domain name which is not generic
    within the “Title” is not appropriate, unless your
    domain name is a major recognizable brand name.

    The second metatag is the “Description” which is
    usually 25-30 words to form a complete sentence which
    best describes one’s goods and services.

    And the very last category – “Keywords” are also
    somewhat limited to 15-16 words which can be plural
    and compound in nature. Again, avoid multiple entries
    which could be mistaken as “spamdexed entries” which
    is defined as the loading, and submission of
    repetitive words into a particular metatag category.
    “Spamdexing” when discovered on a webpage and reported
    to Google’s spamreport.com can result in the
    elimination of your website from their search

    Here’s an example of a very highly-placed website on
    Google.com: Begin with the very “generic” search query
    “sandwiches downtown los angeles,” taking note to not
    abbreviate Los Angeles to “LA” and of course, leave
    out the parentheses (“). It will bring up some 427,000 search results. Check out where “Nazos.net” is ranked. It’s ranked #1! Again, Nazos.net’s high web presence was achieved by proper web design and placement of relevant metatags
    according to Google’s publication guidelines.

    Good luck!

  6. Dennis G says:

    Yes you can “guarantee results.” The firm charges a fee, if they do not achieve the “guaranteed results.” they refund a portion of or the full fee.

    Or you pay the firm for performance. Many good firms charge about $ 1,500 per month. I prefer to charge for performance.

    Some search terms are very hard like Jewelery, I have a friend in the business and told him the risk reward was too high for him to invest in his website.

    Other terms are much easier like “pizza shop Youngstown”

    It is important to work with a firm that wants to work with you. They must be motivated to get you results.

    Many of the best SEO people are consultants. It is both an art and a science and the good ones are far and few between.

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