Which one is good for teaching a newbie about seo through blachhat ?

Question by Haha Hiiii: Which one is good for teaching a newbie about seo through blachhat ?
ScrapeBoard or Xrumer ?

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Answer by Sha Sha
When I was learning about this tools my tutor started with xrumer, as it is efficient and easy to learn. So, start with xrumer..

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4 Responses to “Which one is good for teaching a newbie about seo through blachhat ?”

  1. Vincent says:

    you can learn many things from tutorials in google but the best way to optimize your website is to have many accounts that link back to your website.

    yahoo local
    google local
    bing local
    twitter.com (keep posting constantly)
    many others….

    another way is to have blogs that are constructive. place many keywords in your text.

    and last but not least

    facebook likes
    google +1

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  2. TuringTom says:

    From what I’ve read, Scrapebox seems like the way to go as it can be used for nearly everything starting at keyword research and on to blog commenting. It’s an invaluable all-in-one tool I believe… so good to start with.

  3. Debi Hazelden says:

    I’d watch out using those on a clients site. If I were to use them I’d build links to my sites backlinks to help them get indexed.

  4. Janeline Gilberts says:

    Scrapeborad sir!