which is the most SEO friendly web hosting provider?

Question by : which is the most SEO friendly web hosting provider?
i want website which google and other search engine like. a very good web hosting platform with good marketing tools as well.

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So shop around.

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  1. King says:

    I have great success at google, and my ranking at google really got better when i change my web hosting. i brought and domain and hosting package from http://www.iwantwebsite.com which really worked well

  2. Mike says:

    Web hosts are not SEO friendly. A host will provide the platform for you to display your website to the world. If you are looking for a SEO friendly platform to build your website on take a look at WordPress. It has many free plug-ins that can help you with SEO.

  3. Anurag says:

    Word Press is also seo friendly website.

  4. Zia says:

    Check out this website:

  5. Liu says:

    I think top 10 America hosts is very good.like hostmonster

  6. Victor says:

    Search ready is the best resource for this.

  7. Jess A says:

    Web hosting doesn’t have much effect in SEO. I’m using Hostgator and they are excellent. You can read more here


    Hope it helps

  8. AuroIN New york says:

    SEO Web Hosting is a new hosting solution that offer multiple IP’s for your websites using multiple name servers. The SEO web hosting revolutionize the marketing strategies offering for their customers multiple name servers for multiple domains, from the same account. Choosing a reliable and SEO-friendly web hosting service is one of the very first and most important steps in your website development and marketing process.

  9. Prasad_WebHostReviews says:

    SEO depends on many factors
    try dotcord.com than were they provide u good support

  10. pon says:

    Web hosting and SEO differs. Get hosted with a reliable web hosting provider and rely on a better SEO services to increase your website visibility. You can afford free or paid SEO services also. There are numerous distinctive websites for SEO services like
    buildmylink (free service that gives the basics of SEO and lets the user to promote and manage their websites),
    hioxindia (paid SEO services also has an advanced level).

  11. Jabez1968 says:

    Social media will obliterate an individual, however it will help keep people alive while you’re at it.