Which is the best seo company provide a service?

by tm-md

Question by Jason: Which is the best seo company provide a service?
I have a web site i want to pramote my web site i need traffic and page rank .what will i do.

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Answer by John
“There are many vendors who can provide you these services, but need to research before finalizing the project.
Currently I have given my project to http://www.hypertargetmarketing.com/
If you want you can visit this site. “

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  1. Ajax says:

    There are several things you can do to help improve your website’s ranking and get more traffic. You’ll need to determine what keywords you want to focus on and then work on optimizing your site as well as creating quality backlinks to your site. You can also hire an online marketing company to handle the onsite and offsite optimization for your website. You can learn more about our SEO agency at http://www.ajaxunion.com

  2. janeline ♥ says:

    Contact this. I have their services now.

  3. Kristin says:

    Check from this site. You might like it.

  4. Shannon says:

    Backlinks increases your PageRank. Traffic on the other hand helps boost your Search Engine ranking. There are thousands of SEO companies out there if you search the web for keyword “seo service”. Usually the best SEO companies are the ones that ranks high on search results. Don’t buy in to the SEO companies that do not rank. After all, they are supposed to be good at what they do so why the heck don’t they rank high.

    If you are just simply looking to get traffic that can boost your SERPs ranking and generate leads at the same time, i think TrafficSEO can get the job done http://www.trafficseo.com

    I’ve used them a few months ago and they are pretty good. Very legit.

  5. Tom says:

    1st of all you can do it by yourself (If you have enough time to do it – as it take a lot of time and patience) – you will have to concentrate Onpage and Offpage works – like

    - title description optimization
    - article and directory submission
    - press release submission
    - forum posting
    - local listing
    - web2.0 blog
    - blog commenting
    - blog posting
    - RSS feed submission
    - sitemap submission
    - canonical issue resolve
    - classified posting
    - social networking
    - social bookmarking …………. etc — these works can help you to get page rank and visitors

  6. Stacey says:

    Their are many great seo services out their. I gues its best to chop around. Make sure you don’t hire someone too cheap ie from fiverr because you will get a whole bunch of spam links such as crappy blog comments etc…and get penalized.

  7. FRiKi says:

    Mqsseo – affordable SEO services company. Consultation is for free there, I know I bought 3 months package from them, highly recommended.

  8. Casey says:

    There are a lot of great SEO companies out there. In SEO you tend to get what you pay for. Some companies I recommend are:

    Bruce Clay
    Ethical SEO Consulting

  9. Karen says:

    There are lots of available SEO service or software available online.I must admit the best SEO service doesn’t come for free.I can say it’s all worth it. Currently I’m using http://www.seonukex.com been using this for many months now, and it keeps giving me great result. Before I thought it was really hard to learn how to run this software, but then I found out that they provide video training that contains substantial information on how to run it properly.

  10. Nicola says:

    SEO companies are doing very well in which region you want to ask about this , SEO company India and SEO uk these all are good and reputed one

  11. Dwight says:

    Here’s a good company and here’s how to use them for SEO.

    1. Used a keywords tool (SEO) Google Analytics or Webfire Traffic software for more free traffic to your specific niche / market / business.

    2. Go to fiverr.com and find someone with a high rating who will produce a short quality and professional video for you around your business that will genuinely help your potential customers for $ 5.

    3. Once you have your SEO video, upload it Youtube manually or use web traffic software (like Webfire) to upload it to Youtube and other top ranked video websites like Youtube, Daily Motion, Blip TV etc.

    4. Make sure the SEO keywords you found in step 1 are used in the video, on the video title and in video description.

    5. Lastly created a free blog using Google Blogger.com. Use the keywords from part 1 for your specific business blog title. Give some real good value in the blog to your potential customers and include a link to your website and Youtube video at the end of the blog.

    6. Continue and repeat the process. Over time you will see a good increase in targeted website traffic to your business.

    The best company to help with SEO is Webfire (here a review): http://real-traffic-webfire-review.blogspot.co.uk/

    Hope that helps. If you want more free tips for more free traffic you can follow me and watch the video at the very top of my Twitter page: https://twitter.com/#!/getwebstraffic.

  12. Ricky says:

    Lots of SEO companies out there, some cheap some expensive.
    Watch reviews by orther people and check the packages of the SEO companies if they could be real.