What`s the most video people search via internet?

Question by Inawsa a.k.a TheMax: What`s the most video people search via internet?

I am full time blogger and I also active for make up vlog(video blog).If you are people that really love of video on internet can you tell me whats the most video that people always search at internet?

Right now I have a project to make up a video blog for niche market.Let say if many people love to watch a golf video so I will create a video blog of golf video and the blog will be update daily.

So here it is really hard for me to find a niche video and I don`t want to put a lot of category under one website. The niche category is better and it is friendly with search engine.

If you can help me I am really appreciated it!
Just ask your family and your friends whats the great video that I can choose. I hope if I can find accurate niche,I believe that my website will get a lot of traffic but please I did not accept a sexy niche like sex or something else that related with it.

I hope by create a video blog like this I can help another people to watch their favorite videos and maybe can help them for any job.

So if you can help me to find a great niche that’s meant you also help another people to find their favorite video(most of people who use internet 24 hours). Please list me around 10 niche from top search to low:


If you just can list around 1-5 niche it is OK.But if you know how can I find a niche for the video from any resources let me know it.

Next do you think that this project is cool and awesome?And do you think that many people will like the website like this? Please give me your opinion because I know that the person like you is suitable to give any comment for this project and I believe that you will be one of my visitors soon.

Thanks again..Please reply this question ASAP.


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Answer by randomblossom
I’d say people search most for music videos – many of them when not on their computer play some music from youtube or similar page, so songs and official videos. Next are funny videos, animations, something short and amusing (pixar: partly cloudy) and similar. Then something thoughtful, like Doll Face video – artistic pieces… then online tv shows (reality shows, sitcoms, comics).

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