what s the best seo program on the web?

Question by Al Yabi: what s the best seo program on the web?
I have a website I would like to optimize. I am looking for 2 things
buy traffic to the website
Find the best tool in the market that will push my site to the top of the search engine

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Answer by mini-mart
Most large companies use SEO Book. They have free tools for you to use. Here’s the link: http://www.seobook.com/4706.html

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  1. Alias G says:

    Well, first off, buying backlinks (links that links strictly from other sites, to your site), as opposed to link exchanges, is a better long-term strategy rather than buying traffic via Adwords or something.

    Some companies can get #1 results within a few months.
    Stay away from companies that guarantee (in writing) that they will get your site a #1 ranking. Stay away from companies who “require monthly maintenance fees”.

    Choose an SEO company that ranks best, and can rank sites best in Google’s search engine. 83% of the population uses it. Maybe try doing a Google search for “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization”, and see what company comes up!

  2. thesearchguy says:


    Honestly SEOintelligence is the easiest, and most simple SEO toolset out there for the Professional SEO to Enterprise Level Optimization projects.

    Their new SEO Toolset is designed to always keep you updated on the status of your ranking progress. Whether it’s about constantly researching the competition, checking the effectiveness of your links, page rankings or even the most popular keywords being used today – you’ll get access to all this information and much more starting at $ 9 a month: http://www.seointelligence.com/pricing-plans.php

    Check them out – and you can get a free SEO site scan for website owners here: http://www.seointelligence.com/seoiq-testing-center.php

  3. Precious says:

    basing on my experience as an internet marketer and a web content writer, I found these helpful in marketing my website:

    - writing worthwhile articles for my site to gather quality baclinks
    - doing blog commenting and leaving trackback urls
    - joining forums and forum posting can help market your site
    - manual and automated bookmarking can massilvely and easily distribute your site throughout the web
    - joining affiliate internet marketing
    - maintain your website by updating contents can let search engines know that you love your site
    - submit your site to article directories
    - link exchange can allow your site to be place on other sites relevant to your theme
    - social networking is good in meeting like-minded people who are into internet marketing
    - microblogging is sending updates to your friends on a social network

    all these cost nothing but comes with great advantages. hope that helps.

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