what is the best SEO submission software affordable?

Question by Rocky Road: what is the best SEO submission software affordable?
I need a SEO software that really works I heard about SubmitEaze. but never try it yet
I have checked submiteasily.com – as one of the guys here recommended. ( i cant believed him) it turn to be fake or scammed, no contact number no address and paypal refused the link of this site, or invalid link. so please i dont need you scammed online software. i know who you are.

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Answer by Sunny
In my opinion SENuke is The Best software when it comes to SEO Submission.

And the best part is you even get to try the software before you wish to purchase it.

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  1. Ryan Cote says:

    What kind of submission are you looking to make? Directories, social bookmarking, etc.

    If you’re looking to submit your site to the search engines, that’s not necessary. Just build some links and they’ll find your website. Also submit a XML sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    If you’re looking for directory submissions, these guys make it pretty easy: http://www.directorymaximizer.com/
    And they also offer social bookmark submissions: http://www.socialmaximizer.com/

    I’m not affiliated with them, but I have used them.

    Good luck,