What do you think of this book marketing plan written for a publisher?

Question by : What do you think of this book marketing plan written for a publisher?
My novel is aimed at readers ages eleven through seventeen years old; although I’m predicting it will be most attracted to the younger side at ages eleven to thirteen since the protagonist is twelve to thirteen years old. The readers between the ages of fourteen and seventeen might buy the book if they can easily relate to the protagonist and her life as well as the readers at ages eleven and thirteen could. What is unique about my book is that it may be about a protagonist a little young for a young adult audience, but a lot of the content is intense and emotional, which is very common in young adult stories.
My goal is to sell at least two-hundred copies in the first year. I have many ideas for marketing and promoting my book. One is to put up promoting videos on Youtube, Blogspot, and other websites that will help promote my book. The second is to create a website for me as well as my book and add it to search engines such as Yahoo and Google as well as my book. The third is to arrange online, newspaper, and radio interviews. The fourth is to create blogs about my book and perhaps comment on other people’s blogs if they are based on their books. Another plan is to have other people I know read my book and post reviews online. The final plan is to write a press release and distribute it.
There are a few ways I will reach my target audience. One is to hold a book signing in my community at a small library or independent bookstore. My plan is to put up flyers around my community that contain my book cover and the information about the signings. Another idea is to do a talk and discussion at my local library. The final idea is to start a book club where I would meet with readers monthly, and discuss my book; maybe turn it into a podcast.

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Answer by Wesley B
Few publishers will pick up a book only aiming to sell 200 copies. If the book is finished, shop it to an agent first. Then they can find the publisher.

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