What company can help my small business with SEO?

by tm-md

Question by kadoorregel: What company can help my small business with SEO?
I need SEO services for my small business. I was approached by Castlewave.com, anyone know if they are any good?

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Answer by oregon_coast_guy
You may also want to submit the job on Elance.com and see if you can find someone to help you.

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  1. Nick F says:

    Finding a qualified SEO can sometimes be tricky. With regard to Castlewave, their web copy is VERY poorly written- if they can’t take the time to write effective copy on their own site, what makes you think they’ll do a better job with yours?

    Be wary of any company which sends unsolicited emails or phonecalls. I wrote an article to help business owners entitled “Choosing Your SEO: 5 Red Flags to Watch For,” located here:


    Unfortunately for the real SEOs (and business owners), Search Engine Optimization remains a relatively new field in comparison to traditional forms of marketing. As a result, you’ll find a lot of people selling snake-oil just to make a buck — at your company’s expense.

    Google Webmaster Central has an article on SEO, where they give you a list of good questions to ask potential firms. Here’s the URL:


    Hope this has helped.

  2. Isabella S says:


    SEO a key to success, but the correct direction is important.

    As you have mentioned that you are running a small business, I’d suggest you the company which is best for me (magicsolv.com), this company help me a lot to develop my business. Their fee plans are very low so that you can afford their services. You can give a try, hire them if you satisfied.

    Best of luck for your business.

  3. Amy Lyn says:

    Try this agentsofvalue.com an outsourcing company that specializes in providing web development and marketing service staff for entrepreneurial clients across multiple continents to help them nurture their online business into fully profitable business ventures.
    Agents of Value hires full-time IT professionals in permanent positions in the areas of search engine optimization, virtual assistance, remote programming support, webmaster and website administration, article marketing, affiliate marketing and graphics design.

  4. Sandy says:

    They are n… no of SEO companies you need to choose the best SEO company. SEO a key to success, but the correct direction is important.
    Search engine optimization is optimizing your website’s most appropriate search term / keyword in the search engine to attain a top position in the major search engines and receive massive traffic.
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  5. Al M says:

    InvertedGravity is a leader in forward thinking internet solutions.

    They guide you through everything they do for your business, so they dont leave you in the dark. The communication is excellent!

  6. Sma M says:

    If you need free back links to your website , to improve SEO rankings, email e@culx.net

  7. TravelGirl says:

    I don’t know Castlewave.com but generally steer clear of SEO companies that claim:

    1. guaranteed results
    2. 1000′s of directory links
    3. sends you an email saying they found you on yahoo or google and can improve your rankings

    There are a number of sources for reputable seo companies -

    Additionally ask other local business owners who they use and who they recommend, or check with your local chamber of commerce.

    When choosing an seo here are some questions to ask:

    Do you have any initial or set up fees? How much and what do the set up fees cover?

    Are there ongoing fees, how much and what does it cover?

    Do you require a contract and for how long?

    Is the work you do for me permanent?

    Do you provide regular reports and how frequently?

    When should I expect to see results?

    Do you help improve on site conversions?

    Which of your SEO tactics provide the best results?


  8. voorhees says:

    try the link below. they’ve got awesome deals and they have great skills

  9. Robert says:

    SEO is a scientific game these days. My advice to you is read a couple of good articles on SEO from a trusted source. Form a belief system of your own. Then find a company you are comfortable will execute and critique your plan.

    Otherwise you may buy a bottle of snake oil.