What can I do to increase sales and marketing for my cookie business?

Question by Blueyed Surfer: What can I do to increase sales and marketing for my cookie business?
I started off with lower prices and that didn’t affect anything. That was a bad choice anyways, since I wasn’t making a profit. I don’t think people understand what a labor intensive process it is to hand-decorate cookies. Most think that $ 1 is a good price to pay, even if you can’t get a bag of Oreos for that price.

Also, when I do a search for hand-decorated cookies, my website doesn’t come up on even the first 10 pages. What are some tips and pointers that you could give me to get my name out there and sell more product. I need precise instructions since I’m uneducated when it comes to search engines and such.

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Answer by kare34235
people are watching their sugar intake ………..do you have a line that contains splenda? good luck

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  1. verdeeyez1 says:

    If you have the budget, I would suggest creating some locale ads on Google.

    http://www.google.com/ads and click on AdWords. You can do some research into that.

    I think it would work well if you did a Geo-targeted campaigns and had the ads show up when people search for your keywords i.e ‘hand-decorated cookies in (enter your city here). Google can track the IPs and know what area the person is searching from. If the person is within your area, it will show your ad. But, if someone 5 states away searches, it wouldn’t show up.

    It can get expensive if you let the ads go nation-wide. It all depends on your budget really.

    As far as your site goes, it looks pretty good. I would focus on some keyword targeting. Say you want to focus on the phrase ‘hand-decorated cookies.’ Make sure that phrase makes up at least 3% of your text on your index (main landing) page. This will help in your Google ranking. However, it takes at LEAST 6 months for a GREAT website to show up in the top 10 on Google. It’s tough to get there. Most companies have a few people dedicated to keeping their Google rank high.

    I would also try and get links to your site from other sites. Visit forums and leave a link. Leave it in cooking forums when people ask about cookies. Don’t do it for unrelated forums. Google frowns on that.

    Also here are some more tips:

    1. Stick with an established domain, if you can
    2. Optimize for your audience, not search engines
    3. Research target terms extensively
    4. Design your site with target terms in mind
    5. Build a search engine friendly site
    6. Use descriptive links
    7. Create compelling copy keeping target terms in mind
    8. Incorporate target terms into your title tags (YES! Each page should have a unique title)
    9. Ensure your site is link-worthy
    10. Don’t fixate on ranking for one particular term

  2. Jason-www.eNCarolina.com says:

    There are two basic ways to increase sales & marketing on a website: Great content and links to your site on other, relevant websites. I recommend focusing on the one you can control (great content on your website) and you will see an increase in both links and sales. The key point of this entire Answer is that you should think of your site as continually-changing form of advertising, not a static “once-and-done” ad.

    I think you have a good design, your site looks nice. I would recommend turning it into a blog (while keeping the same “look and feel” so that you can begin creating unique, interesting, confection-related information that will generate interest in your site and business.

    As an example: You mention in your question that people don’t understand the hand-decorated cookie process…then tell them about it by describing the work required, and show them through images and/or video clips how it is done. You could do a mini-reality show – take video of an entire order from start to finish, then break it up into mini-videos with your comments and post one on your blog each day or two.

    Blogs are designed to be search-friendly, so all your contributions will be indexed by the major search engines. If people really like something you create, even a single post can bring many, many visitors to your site.

    If you do not wish to go the blog route, I would recommend writing a series of short articles about cookies, cakes, weddings, and other topics related to your business – then post these articles on a variety of article submission sites. This process creates links to your site, but the real benefit is that your articles may be picked up and re-published on other sites. When this happens your site will gain more links, and the chance of visitors to your site grows even more.

    Lastly, you may want to consider working with an SEO or Internet Marketer to help your site improve its online sales. It looks to me like you have a lot of potential, and it is definitely possible to generate business online without a tremendous amount of work.

    Best of Luck,

    Jason – eNCarolina.com

  3. rpbart says:

    I think you have gotten some real solid advice from several people.

    I would second the advice to go with an Adwords campaign. That is a way for you to get your site found in the Search engines right away assuming your budget can afford it.

    Content is definitely a critical component to your site. I would seriously consider the advice you have received thus far regarding writing articles and/or blogging.

    2 things that I would do if I were in your shoes.

    1. add some pictures to your homepage of your happy customers eating your treats. Then put a 2 sentence testimonial next to the picture.
    2. I know that you want me to buy treats, but when I go to your home page, you never tell me to buy. You have the text “order from us today” but it is not a link to the order page. I would make the buying process as easy as possible.

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