What are the top free article submission sites used in SEO?

Question by : What are the top free article submission sites used in SEO?
What’s the best free article submissions directory and what’s the Link?

Can anyone provide an article submission directory list with their corresponding links? And, a little description of each would help. Thanks

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Answer by Kim Cunnings
Here is a link to 1000 free article submission sites. Click on each name for description and other details.


Another list with “50 very best article directories” and rankings of each directory site listed


Another top 25 list here (with Google PR and Alexa rank for each site)


Or use atuomated backlink checkers – they usually come with a list of article directories that you may use for submission.


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  1. Ein Ting says:

    Currently, I am submitting articles to these article submission directories.

    Web Pro News – http://www.webpronews.com
    No registration required. Accepts articles instantly.

    Ezine Articles – http://www.ezinearticles.com
    Registration required. Articles need to be reviewed before publication.

    Buzzle – http://www.buzzle.com
    Registration required. Articles need to be reviewed before publication. (same with Ezine)

    Free Daily Articles – http://www.freedailyarticles.com
    Registration required. Article submission has an option for direct publication or review.

    Go Articles – http://www.goarticles.com
    Registration required. Articles need to be reviewed before publication. (same with Ezine)

    Other sites that does not require registration:


    Other sites that requires registration:


    Basically, almost the same rules apply for article submission sites. No spam is allowed. Minimized marketing content and quality writing. Less grammatical errors and human readable. Aside from that, they have individual guidelines which allows you to follow their rules closely. Policies are always posted on their pages so don’t be shy to scroll or explore.

    Good in article submission as part of your SEO endeavor.

  2. Hippi says:

    Great answers from the other responders. I have one thing to add..

    Write decent articles and you only need to use one directory


    seriously they are the only site that will provide link juice and traffic. You can submit to hundreds of others and the links will show in site explorer, however i have yet to see any actually show as links in Google, and lets face it that’s where you are aiming.

    If you want to be seen as a spammer then send off your articles to every directory on the planet, if you want success be more selective. If you pushed me to give you more than one i would say the three are


    Just so you are aware, I’m a successful full time professional SEO with both high profile and small site clients. I assure you the time spent publishing to any more than these is probably wasted at best or detrimental at worst.

  3. m says:

    I thing almost free but use high PR site here is list

    1 ezinearticles.com PR 6
    2 articlesbase.com PR 6
    3 suite101.com PR 7
    4 buzzle.com PR 6
    5 helium.com PR 6
    6 articlesnatch.com PR 5
    7 goarticles.com PR 4
    8 articlealley.com PR 5
    9 articledashboard.com PR 5
    10 selfgrowth.com/articles.html PR 5
    11 ideamarketers.com PR 5
    12 bukisa.com PR 5
    13 amazines.com PR 3
    14 articlecity.com PR 6
    15 isnare.com PR 6
    16 searchwarp.com PR 5
    17 articlerich.com PR 3
    18 articleclick.com PR 4
    19 sooperarticles.com PR 5
    20 infobarrel.com PR 4
    21 articlecube.com PR 0
    22 a1articles.com PR 5
    23 submityourarticle.com/articles/ PR 4
    24 web-source.net PR 3
    25 articlestars.com PR 2
    26 articlecompilation.com PR 0
    27 EvanCarmichael.com PR 3
    28 abcarticledirectory.com PR 4
    29 site-reference.com PR 5
    30 articlepool.com PR 0
    31 articleslash.net PR 5
    32 articlesfactory.com PR 4
    33 365articles.com PR 0
    34 upublish.info PR 4
    35 articlewarehouse.com PR 3
    36 articlenexus.com PR 0
    37 e-articles.info PR 4
    38 acmearticles.com PR 3
    39 thewhir.com/find/articlecentral PR 5
    40 articlesalley.com PR 7
    41 article-buzz.com PR 3
    42 fourpxarticles.com PR 3
    43 articlecell.com PR 2
    44 articlebliss.com PR 3
    45 dime-co.com PR 4
    46 articles.everyquery.com PR 3
    47 articlemonkeys.com PR 4
    48 thecontentcorner.com PR 3
    49 affsphere.com PR 3
    50 carolinaarticles.com PR 4

  4. Stanley Clerge says:


    The 2 best I use.