What are the advantages of black hat SEO?

by jlori

Question by Aaron V: What are the advantages of black hat SEO?
Well, the basic principle of SEO is to generated visitors of one website, right? But it is so lamed to “click here” and “click that” using Social Bookmarking, is there a faster way to generate links using black hat SEO? i am so curious about it.

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Answer by czyrel t
Black Hat SEO(Black Hat Search Engine Optimization) is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. The characteristics of Black Hat SEO are breaks search engine rules and regulations, creates a poor user experience directly because of the black hat SEO techniques utilized on the Web site and unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.Black hat SEO techniques may quickly deliver results. However, due to the disposable nature of the domains, the results are often short term although they can be long term.

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  1. jiggen says:

    you can save time and effort using this technique. just be careful not to penalize your site.

  2. SEOGuy says:

    The Advantages:
    Done correctly you can get a large volume of people in a short amount of time.

    The Disadvantages:
    Having Google or any search engine ban your website just doesn’t make for a healthy longevity for your website.

    The Alternative:

    The Process:
    Find longtail keywords that are generating only 1000 to 5000 hits. Create an article around that specific keyword with the longtail keyword being in the title. Send this new article to the various article directories, social networks & social bookmarks as well as putting it on your blog that is linked to your website.

    The Result:
    Well, you might not see much on several of them; but then there will be that one that brings in a mother load of readers for your website. This causes Google to reevaluate your website while bringing the ranking up and away you go. It’s a process, but done right it can be well worth your time to do so.

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  3. Mike says:

    My friend there no short cuts for higher rank you will be sorry for your ownself. Black Hats are Banned, Banned and Banned.

  4. Jam D says:

    Essentially, this is a phrase that describes using “unfair” techniques to drive results in search engine listings among other things. Most typically, the traffic or artificial clicks that you gain from using black hat methods are extremely temporary… used for short term gains. There is always the risk of being banned from networks like YouTube, Google or StumbleUpon, so caution and patience are always recommended.

    Black hat SEO is a means toward outsized short-term gains. Many consider black hat to be unethical, but it is important to understand the inner-workings of websites. The reason people want to hear about “black hat” methods (as opposed to “white hat,” or more ethical) is precisely this… it seems illegal. I want to assure you that most black hat methods are completely legal, just unethical and frowned upon by major networks.

  5. Jhanvi says:

    Black hat seo means to cheat search engines. It can give you excellent result but for temporary. When spider of search engines will catch you, your site will be banned. And it is also true that visitors will come to your site but you could not convert them in to your business.

    So have patience and go for organic white hat SEO. You will get long term result for your site.

  6. Dennis G says:

    SEO guy has a good point. My site is new and is on top 4 of google for the term “guaranteeing results from advertising” the site is http://www.netadvertisinggroup.com I used a long keyword phrase.

    Use long keyword phrases for a new site and build them smaller as they go on. this is a 4 word phrase my next goal is the phrase “guaranteeing advertising results” wich is currently on the 4th page of google the next step will be two word phrases like ad agency

    On “Black Hat” It works for a short time then leaves you in the gutter. Don’t use them because you can get banned. Also they tend not to create repeat business which is what make you money, bringing the consumer back.

  7. frogstone says:

    in doing black hat seo ur ethics of being sportsmanship in the field of optimizing a site is gone because black hat optimization is not in the right way of optimizing a site

  8. Kiran98 says:

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  9. Kegan678 says:

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