Typical prices for SEO Search engine optimisation?

Question by Sean: Typical prices for SEO Search engine optimisation?
My new website www.seopt.co.uk is just starting to take on large amounts of business, and i want to know if i should increase my prices or not? its currently around £150 initial then £35 a month for permanent SEO services. if this reasonable? we also offer a money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied.


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Answer by Leonid Singha
In today’s competitive market suddenly increase in the prices of goods and services may occur a serious problem.
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  1. Sibz says:

    Well, there is always a competition for the price you quote to bag projects. I think your service matters a lot. Till the time your client is satisfied and you give him good traffic, he will pay you good. Else the story is otherwise. Hope that helps!


  2. Danny says: