taiwan Yahoo head office – Big policy mistake?

Question by Taiwan Peter: taiwan Yahoo head office – Big policy mistake?
Dear Yahoo US head office,
C.C. President Yang(who born in Taiwan)

I am a Taiwanese (my name is Edward Wang), the same country as you President Yang and Yankee Pitcher Wang born at , I am telling that you are going to lose in Chinese Search Portal Market rapidly. YahooTaiwan is not a making big mistake in Taiwan and playing tricks..
Because Taiwan Yahoo only put websites who pay taiwan yahoo money only. Remove websites that does not pay but high reputation in Taiwan Internet.
So the Chinese key words search because unprecisely, and not accuracy.
Most of time , it shows very different with google, I compare with informations that I need. And compare almost everyday using many other search engines, actually I found it is two (Yahoo and Google).

Sometimes I put same Chinese key word in Yahoo US and Yahoo Taiwan to test who is more accuracy , then it shows big differently, only take a glance , I know Taiwan Yahoo is not accuracy, it is a mass of who pay money to TaiwanYahoo,but it is really not accuracy by regular. Internet is fair and just , and God is fair, it won’t last long in this situation.
it won’t allow the money greedy TaiwanYahoo to keep doing this.
The market is not balanced, because TaiwanYahoo is starting first, but it won’t last long,because many users can see that tricks.

US is hard to know real Chinese thinking, why ? Thinking the failure Ebay in Taiwan and Ebay in Taiwan, US head will never know what tricks Chinese play, I am telling US Yahoo, because TaiwanYahoo is not listening to many users , only notice and people who pays. Users turn search portal to google , but still use Yahoo other services. By business data records , TwYahoo seem to win in search engine.
Example,You can check www.taiwanflorist.com.tw is listed high rank in Alexa and Google , and also in US Yahoo, but is purposely moved out in TaiwanYahoo, it is originally listed in TaiwanYahoo for years , TwYahoo are playing a trick to US head.
they is set up a seduce to submit freely, after that TY got this data, they will check this site pay or not pay. If not pay , it is moved by manually. It is evil. Can you believe that ?

Of course, at least I can show you hundreds examples that TwYahoo is not accuracy in search.(If you are willing to pay me,kidding, I can show you thousands examples).

It is evil and will not last long , because Internet cannot be block. Users will go the right search.
Please check if you notice my letter.
My mail is : touchtaiwan@gmail.com

Edward Wang-Taiwan

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Answer by naekuo
I agree. What is your point here? What would you want them to do? Jerry will never get this letter. You need to hand deliver it to him:

Or email to them (as if they care)


Here are some questions for you to consider:

A. Do you know there will be more people in China than in the US use the internet by the end of the year?

B. Do you know Yahoo China is not operated by YAHOO?


And Alibaba is going public next month.

C. Remember the speech: Yahoo executives feel “horrible” about political arrests of Internet users in China but believe it’s better to operate in that market and cooperate with authorities than not be there at all.


Currently, I am invest heavily into Baidu.com Although we all hate China, we cannot beat them at this time. There is a saying: If you cannot beat them, joint them.

* greatfirewallofchina.org – test any website and see real-time if it’s censored in China
* WebSitePulse.com – Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China







微軟在中國的MSN博客空間設置了過濾器,Google在其新聞頻道的中國大陸版上拿掉了被中國政府封閉網站內容的存檔,Google在2006年1月推出了 Google.cn ,任何有違背中國政府的內容都被過濾。雅虎中國更被指幫助中國當局調查網上異見人士(見師濤「非法向境外提供國家機密」案)。

[編輯] 約束ISP、ICP





1. 建立場內巡查制度,發現上網消費者的違法行制止並向文化行政部門、公安機關舉報。
2. 核對、登記並保存上網消費者的有效身份證件和記錄有關上網信息。






各級政府和部門都紛紛建立舉報網站及電話,用來接收對政治、色情暴力等有社會危害內容的網站進行舉報。如公安部公開的舉報電話為010-65283344、010-65207655,舉報網站為http://www.cyberpolice.cn ;中國互聯網協會的違法和不良信息舉報中心http://net.china.cn/chinese/index.htm 。

Let’s make the call.

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