Sydney Fireworks 2011 – Happy New Year!

One of the best fireworks in the world…. It feels great to start new year like this.!!!! by : Aman Yadav from

30 Responses to “Sydney Fireworks 2011 – Happy New Year!”

  1. 1989dramon says:

    no offence i think that both Sydneys and londons fireworks are both the same in epicness because Sydney has some nice fireworks however it gets way way too smokey and can’t see some of them due to that fact and londons is epic too because it is planned to the single fireworks and it still is smokey.

  2. 1989dramon says:

    @DontPressA so why do we have the largest empire in the world still at this point. And your “country” is still a country America only beat us along time ago because of the french and in the WW your country only joined in when pearl harbour was bombed

  3. DontPressA says:

    Hey well london wouldnt be around if it wasnt for the americans

  4. JoryBelue says:

    London is the best! you cant even see the sky in london!

  5. bj4001753 says:

    obviously ph0t0sh0pped

  6. barricader6 says:

    @uncutfilm umad? HAHAAAHA

  7. barricader6 says:

    @SnowberryElf London rapes Sydney’s fireworks.

  8. Hannahlett98 says:

    @SnowberryElf Clam down, its a comment so get over it

  9. svubbermand says:


    If you want another angle, take a look at this. I was pretty close to the bridge hehe :D

  10. TeMPzProductionz says:

    @blissfullness93 hmmm, I’m sure you care deep down mate, keep dreaming maybey one day you’ll achieve higher than England… Lol nahhhhh i was just tryna make u fell better ;)

  11. SnowberryElf says:

    Lol who gives an eff about London! This is Sydney fireworks and I wanna watch it kay

  12. jimmy14v says:

    @blissfullness93 You seem to be getting pretty worked up on something you don’t care about? huh.

  13. uncutfilm says:

    Sydney is the best, HANDS DOWN

  14. sailechz says:

    @spurs1991 duh london was done in a small area of the river. sydney was done along the harbour not just one spot.

  15. 13ALRT says:

    philippines has a better way of celebrating new years instead of watching fireworks we light fireworks!!!

  16. 13ALRT says:

    philippines is better

  17. textmachine09 says:

    who cares if london is the best. . . look at these idiots.

  18. bourdez says:

    killer video, nice one Aman! :-)

  19. PandaBear9971 says:

    london is back on top!! .. no comment.

  20. nickie74 says:

    Very sneeky of London to beat Sydney’s this year

  21. poopy50832 says:

    brisbane fireworks were the best hands is full of wogs.

  22. bureiku526 says:

    Who cares who was best; they’re fireworks. That’s it.

  23. christmas722 says:

    london was the best, THE END

  24. christmas722 says:

    @Deathmagnets69 very funny Hitler but we once again have proven we are the best and u cant accept that, and before u do don’t come back with some kockey come back ,but knowing your brain cells you will

  25. SnuggleTheGuineaPig says:

    @Deathmagnets69 your ignorant if you think that was better than londons

  26. Presley1636 says:

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  28. Fox2102 says:

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  29. Amidat21 says:

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  30. Alexina1007 says:

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