Survey: Do you think there are enough?

Question by : Survey: Do you think there are enough?
hours in a day? They should probably add 2 or 3 more.

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Answer by Sapphire
Not always.

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11 Responses to “Survey: Do you think there are enough?”

  1. I'm Not Okay (Trust Me) says:

    Some days it feels as if there isn’t.

  2. Rickey says:


  3. ForeverAlone WithCats says:

    **Tickles Kitties**

    I think I’ll keep the days just as they are :) ,

  4. Blazing says:

    Sometimes the day could do with more hours, other times I feel as though there’s too many hours in a day.

    Lol @ suggested category.

  5. Detective Jake Chadwick says:

    yeah they should add just a few more

  6. blahhhh says:

    not all days….. there are too many on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday though ;)

  7. Sami says:

    yes there are not enough hours in a day i think there should be 48 hours in one day so that we can sleep for 12 and work for 8 and the rest just chilling, obviously now if i was in a hostage situation i would wish there no hours in a day, hahahha

  8. Main Question says:

    But they shouldn’t make a TV series called 27 or something.

  9. Jaidev716 says:

    It isn’t easy being a Friday sort of an affiliate the Mon sort of globe.

  10. Eilidh825 says:

    In no way slander those that have design when you can upset them ingredient.