Survey: Did you use your free time wisely today?

Question by everybody’s got one: Survey: Did you use your free time wisely today?
When you found out that Y!A was making things better by misrouting your answers and vaporizing your contacts, and you shut down your computer in disgust, did you use your newly found freedom to do anything constructive?

Me? I worked for world peace, ran my first marathon, and planted a vegetable garden. Best of all, I adopted not one, but two children from Malawi. You?

Star if you think I shouldn’t have rubbed Madonna’s nose in it.

Y!A sez: Business & Finance > Advertising & Marketing > Search Engine Optimization. I’m not making this up, I swear…

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No…I took a nap and I plan on doing it again.

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8 Responses to “Survey: Did you use your free time wisely today?”

  1. Take this to your grave says:

    I just used it reading your question…

  2. Tawny Anne says:

    Let seeee, I walked to my living room, grabbed a blanket, smoked a blunt with my bestfriend and watched secret life of the american teenager all day. Sounds good to me.

  3. react!oиSp!ce♥ says:


  4. PJJ says:

    Looking after my grand daughter,while her mum is at work. As Aussie kids are on school holidays. Doing house work. Answering Yahoo Answers.Trying to get myself motivated to write short stories,finding every excuse I’m looking for not to do it, but I want to do it. I guess it is called laziness

  5. laughalot says:

    Went out for coffee then stayed for dinner, lazy afternoon spent chatting and the evening spent lingering over dinner!

  6. My Name is Still 43er4j... says:

    Lol at Madonna…you are not getting a star then!

    No i did not use my time wisely. I wasted it yet again.

    ..ahh you can have a * anyway, for your creative question

  7. big red bon bon says:

    Like I said before everyone has one child and that’s you I will star with you and rub Madonna’s head in the mud thanks ******************* Good Day

  8. Rupert2092 says:

    In any case, the idea had taken eight months so that you can pack upon thepounds, provide it with a minimum of eight sooner than dropping by the actual wayside!Theres no magic formula right here; no magic pill in order to devour – merely mind-numbing perform andc