Started a job and don’t like it…. *please help!*?

Question by Curious George: Started a job and don’t like it…. *please help!*?
I had a very difficult choice of 2 jobs. One role was something new that allowed me focus on something that I did a little bit at my old job and enjoyed (Search Engine Marketing). The other I have been doing awhile in my old job (web site producer) but the new role had a lot better circumstances. The search engine job had the best feeling despite the fact the pro/con list was heavily against it. I guess I wanted to try something new and my old job tainted me big time. Now that I have been at the search job for a week, I really wish I would have taken the other position. I feel as though I’m overqualified, in a hands off role, and just another cog in a wheel. While I don’t know how the other role would have turned out, I am at a loss of what to do. Do I quit after one week? Give it more time? Try to go after the old job even though I gave them a no? I’m hardly a job jumper being at my last job for 5 yrs but I can’t see this going anywhere good. Any help would be great. Thnx!

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Answer by iamlgnd
Do I quit after one week? NO
Give it more time? Yes
Try to go after the old job even though I gave them a no?
It doesn’t hurt to ask about it

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13 Responses to “Started a job and don’t like it…. *please help!*?”

  1. keri says:

    You have got nothing to lose by asking if you could still get the job you said “no” to. Are both jobs with the same company? If so, then that’s much trickier – but not completely unadvised.

    Then again, review your pro’s and con’s lists and think about why you made the choice you did. Is it possible there is more to learn & more to come with the new job? Many jobs start you out slowly and once they develop trust, they will give you everything – almost literally.

    Good luck!

  2. Jen says:

    Be thankful you have a job geez. That sounds like a good job to me. Stay with it and see where it takes you. Youll regret it if you leave and cant get a better job. Some people cant even get a decent job so you should be thankful you even have one, let alone that it pays good.

  3. B says:

    if you really feel that you are overqualified and you are not too sure about your current position, you should definatly go after your old job, they would most probably give you a second chance, nonetheless, before quiting your current job make sure you try to see if you can get the job you want, but at the end of the day, a good job is not neccessarily what gives you the best money, but one which you enjoy and dont feel like you need to rush at.

  4. Sstarlightt says:

    Do what feels right for you, if you really want to try and go after the old job go ahead! The worst they can say is, No. :-/

    Then you will be happy you have the job you have! Many people have qualfications and feel that they aren’t using their full potential. Like really, some people have it so bad that they went to college worked in their field, got laid off, and had to grab, “something” like working in a car wash. Work is work, it’s hard not to feel like you are what you do but sometimes you just have to work to pay the bills, no matter where it is. Just keep your eye out for other opportunities that may come along, you seem smart!

  5. befuddled says:

    I can see why you would be so frustrated. Job hunting is a pain, and choosing between several choices is even harder. To be honest, my first instict as I was reading your question was to tell you, No, absolutely do not quit after just one week! It’s pretty rare, for me, at least, to really truly like a job after such a short period of time. Being around new people, in a new place…. it’s just a big drama. But, I always have at least some regrets when I walk away from any job, no matter how bad.

    However, I had a second thought as I read on. You said that you can’t see this going anywhere good….. What exactly do you mean? Do you think that the job is a dead end, that you won’t be able to move up in the company, or do you think it will truly turn out bad? I started a new job last year and quit after the first week simply because I saw the exact same things happening there that had happened at my previous job. There were dishonest things going on, and right after I left the first job, several people were fired for stealing from the company. At the second job, I saw it going in the exact same direction. Similar attitudes, problems, and personalities. I didn’t want to get caught up in something bad. Something like that, I think, is worth quitting over.

    I’d suggest giving it a little bit of time. Try to think positive. However, if you give it a few more weeks, and you truly can’t see yourself there in a year, maybe you should consider going elsewhere. There’s enough to be stressed about, we should be as happy as possible where we work (if possible!)

    Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!!!

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