Should it be part of my SEO marketing plan?

Question by : Should it be part of my SEO marketing plan?
I’m just starting out in SEO and I encountered the term “link popularity” in some seo references. Should it be part of my SEO marketing plan?

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Answer by sl75
Hi, Sherrod here, yes links should be included. I know that some people are going to give you some advise in regards to your question, but I am going to recommend that you visit
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  1. Emaginationz Technologies says:

    “Link popularity” is also a part of Off-page optmization in SEO which constitutes only a portion of most search engines’ ranking algorithms. Google places more emphasis than most other engines on incoming links at this point in time. How much these actually boost a site’s ranking is debatable and truly depends on the site. It also depends on the words that are placed in the anchor text in your entire website. I have found that just a few highly relevant links with strong anchor text can go a long way towards link popularity.

  2. Tim Pond says:

    The sites on the Net have different PR’s = Page Ranks. Google obviously values backlinks from high PR sites. The experts say that a backlink from a PR 5 or higher site can be 20 times (or even more) more valuable than a link from PR 0-1 site. But the backlinks have to be relevant, targeted key words. For the best free SEO training, visit Matt Carter’s blog.
    PS. Leave positive comments on his blog, and you’ll get valuable backlinks :)

  3. Jeff Richecky says:

    Yes you should. As stated earlier, Google and other Search Engines will rate your page in several different. Links can become very valuable, granted their relevant. Google has revamped their site a little in regards to how they display results. A lot of people have discovered the importance of links to an SEO Marketing Campaign. There are even websites out there that do it for you. You must be careful with some of those. Part of Google’s new change, they are trying to eliminate some of those sites. Basically what they’re doing is creating more relevant search results and weed out some of the “link farms” that will post your link anywhere and everywhere. However, if you blog regularly and leave your site at the end when you sign your comment, most search engines find this acceptable and it will help increase your page ranks. The more relevant and appropriate the sites you link to the better off you’ll be.

  4. Osca says:

    The higher the page rank of a page is the better. Google normally raises your search position due to the quality of the backlinks you have to your site.

  5. Bobby Barton says:

    There are many link types in SEO but the best is link quality that related theme to your site and higher pagerank and more age.

  6. James North says:

    Absolutely, the quality of links you receive will mostly determine your rankings.

  7. Justin says:

    Links are vital. They are basically votes indicating the quality of your site. You want to get as many quality inbound links as possible and even better if you do not have to send a reciprocal link. Getting these links can take time. If you want to automate the process there are some seo software options out there. They don’t do everything but are pretty reliable for building links. This site might help you and also Google has a ton of resources as well.

    Good luck

  8. Jesse Bryant says:

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