SEO Link Marketing?

Question by robsportsfanatic: SEO Link Marketing?
Besides link exchanges, what are other ways to get your link out there for search engines to pick up and rank your website?

If your site is a cooking site but you add your site as a link to sports related forums, would your site be penalized or ban from the search engines?

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Answer by Kalena
You could start a blog about cooking. Comment at other cooking related blogs (and drop your link too!)

It is best to try exchanging links with related sites. You won’t, neccessarily, be banned if you exchange links with unrelated sites. It may or may not help with search engines.

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  1. memetrader says:

    Link exchanges are not always a good thing. In fact most reciprocal links are discounted by Google because they are there only to game the algorithm. and

    The most important attribute of inbound links is which site and what page they come from. As Michael Duz says “To paraphrase Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal Farm – All links are equal, but some links are more equal than others”

    As to your question “If your site is a cooking site but you add your site as a link to sports related forums, would your site be penalized or ban from the search engines”. No it will not be banned or penalized but the link will just not count for much (if at all).

    It is important when link building to remember that one good inbound link can be worth one thousand poor ones.

  2. Rich says:

    Here are my three top ways to promote a website to
    the search engines:

    1. Optimize your site. This includes meta tags, keywords and header tags. For more info –

    2. Add new content to your site atleast weekly. Visitors and the search engines like to see that your site is regularly updated.

    3. Gather inbound links. There are many ways to do this.
    Here are some good link building packages:

  3. ResourceBox says:

    Here are three ways to get links that search engines will pick up:

    1. You can start a blog about cooking and include a link to your main site. You can then use Technorati tags in your blogposts, so that it is added to Technorati’s index. Technorati’s pages are crawled by the search engines. Once they find your blog, they’ll find the link to your main site. Technorati’s site: .

    2. You can bookmark your site in or

    3. This is probably the easiest way for search engines to pick up your link: write an article about cooking and include the link to your site in your bio or bylines at the end of the article. Then, submit it to article sites like or The search engines crawl those sites often and will pick up your link.

    Hope this helps

  4. BlogDawg says:

    To answer your specific question, you should not link to or from sites that are not related to yours. The search engines could view this as spam linking and penalize your site.

    Link building is hard work. Try to set aside an hour or so every day to work on it.

    We like article and press release marketing as it can give you some nice 1-way links. You should also look for forums and blogs about your web topic and get involved. Often you can use a link to your site in your signature block. This will create traffic and links. Lastly, you can list your site on many directories that are also related to your website.

  5. Jojo G says:

    Take a look at –
    for more info..
    it is legal to point from one topic to other – you will just get a lower rank – but it is better than nothing…