Seo In Young (ft.Crown J) – I Like It

Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is one of my favorite song from Seo Taiji’s first album. It’s not an awesome video, but hope you guys can enjoy the music~!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Seo In Young (ft.Crown J) – I Like It”

  1. jim78118 says:

    nice muz

  2. ghgfjfhgbfhgfj says:

    For flirting and more

  3. anjuniransika says:

    Be Naughty with people near you

  4. dgfdhjdshfdjdgd says:

    Do or die man naughty women here

  5. Alex7s says:

    i only watched that program (we got married) bcoz of them T_T aww i loved them together! its not my life to decide but i sometimes wish they would end up together o.o loool is that weird?! sorry~

  6. sweetmerita says:

    The ant and the witch…. a really good couple.

  7. kpoplover2010 says:

    i luv them 2!! lol the ant couple A!!! ^^

  8. pacheebby says:

    are they still together?

  9. 89757Vv says:

    Ant couple^^

  10. shawtyvwj says:

    CROWN J!!!!! hottest shit… the best rapper south style shit!!!! AWESOME…. i really want them together….T.T ….

  11. cokodokubi says:

    ant couple…
    love you..

  12. MELYN23 says:

    miss this couple <3

  13. atmiletti2 says:

    sexyyy ;D love this couple <3

  14. ieattunaXD says:

    i love this song xD

  15. cutiechae says:

    love it

  16. LoveTimHwang says:


  17. a1leen says:

    wow im the first viewer =]

  18. LXKeemProductions says:


    Seotaiji & Game – Put U On The Game / 필승 mix 2011

  19. kimjeongyun says:

    papa YG :)

  20. xianghuatheferret says:

    @shuju I actually just looked on Soribada…they have 5 versions of this song–this one (the original) plus two live versions and two remixes. Big Bang didn’t sample this version, which is the first one–i’m pretty sure they sampled part III.

  21. xianghuatheferret says:

    @shuju i’m guessing that Seo Taiji got the rights to remix this song with “Everybody Dance Now”, so GD got the rights to sample that version from him.

    and they disbanded because of musical differences–they all wanted to go a different direction with the music. that’s probably why YG works so hard to let each member of BB do his own thing, so that then they can stay as a group for longer because they’re able to do what they want in their solo careers.

  22. HellyKelly says:

    @darkhaven87 it’s called ‘You, In The Fantasy”

  23. USBjunk says:

    LOL, i came here coz of 2PM.
    90′s Korean music is awesome~ ^^

  24. naokiful says:

    나는 일본인입니다만, 한국의 음악을 아주 좋아합니다.
    음악에는, 반일도 국경도 없다고 생각하고 있습니다.
    한국의 문화는 굉장하다고 생각합니다.

  25. doberman22kr says:

    주노햄은 지금 어디서 무얼하고 있는가 ㅠ_ㅠ

  26. hyt97 says:

    i like this song so much!! thanks~
    btw, do you know where can i find the mp3?

  27. darkhaven87 says:

    what is this song title called in english?

  28. jointbuttz says:

    wow this is actually dope,love early 90′s beats

  29. DoReMi1351 says:

    Me too

  30. coklatvirgo says:

    like this song when gd make it with new version

  31. meiyer03 says:

    yeah son muy buenos buena suerte

  32. edko87 says:

    이런 노래들 그립다…. 서태지 아일들 간지..

  33. eeel01 says:

    중간에 바트심슨 소스나옴ㅋㅋ 그거듣고 웃었는데 태지횽 바트심슨 좋아했나봐@_@ listen carefully,”hey,it’s me bart simpson~”taiji might love bart simpson,,,haha

  34. matsuyama88 says:


  35. arisuri0407 says:

    this song is great
    i like 서태지와 아이들

  36. luna0darkness says:

    wow SuJu dancing with this song ^___^ like this song~!!

  37. shuju says:

    ooh ok thanx

    ahh yes i heard on entertainment today or wateva it’s called (kbs) that it was out, ill check it out thanx :D

  38. Dianakissme88 says:

    hello! i have no idea on big bang’s sampled music but this song is ripped from the original CD that I own.

    did you know seo taiji has his new album out right now? It’s his 8th album called “MOAI”
    Try searching the youtube. it’s a great song!

  39. shuju says:

    hey cool vid thanx – but on youtube i saw a performance version of this song remixed with “everybody dance now”.. i always thought that was the original version of the song no? if not, why would g-dragon credit “hwangsangsok eui geu dae by seo taiji” in “crazy dog” of the hot issue album where he sampled part of the song??

    also, why did seotaiji and boys disband?!?! they had the greatest popularity? and did taiji go to the states to study or wat? thanx

  40. grinder77788 says:

    taeji is the illest

  41. celleo89 says:

    They were the greatest and still is!!

  42. ixninja680xi says:

    This is a pretty cool song.
    but i found out about it because iM did a beatbox remix.

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