seo google search engine inbound links?

Question by joseph c: seo google search engine inbound links?
Is it possibles to have too many inbound links? If all the links are from higher quality sites/neighborhoods, can too many degradate or not help search engine optimization at all?

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Answer by Dave
There’s no such thing as too many inbound links. If they are all high quality with a high pagerank coming from a site with a lot of traffic it will only help your site. If you’re being linked from sites Google considers as spam than you run into trouble.

If you’re looking for some quality inbound links, you can always blog comment (make sure not to spam, offer valuable advice) on high page ranked blogs with dofollow tags. If you have no idea what I’m talking about shoot me an e-mail. I’d be more than happy to help:

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3 Responses to “seo google search engine inbound links?”

  1. Mike Farley says:

    Right, so ‘High Quality’ is the operative word here. Just beware of ROS or Run of Sites. 1 link from a relative site in context is High Quality. 1000 links from the domain in the footer of the site is not. Don’t worry about number, worry about quality.

  2. Hem says:

    Who says lots of links are beneficial. Some quality relevant links are more helpful than 1000 unrelated links and yes if you are getting the links from high authority websites then it will sure increase the ranking of your website in popular search engines.

  3. Terry R says:

    There is no such thing as too many links. However, too many links to quickly will get your website filtered for rankings related to the anchor text in the links.