Searh Engine Optimization Help?

Question by Keith: Searh Engine Optimization Help?
Can anyone point me to a good website, or refer a good book on Search Engine Optimization?

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Answer by Vera
The two articles below:

Aside this, use meta tags (i.e. keywords and descriptions especially). Also make sure to mention your keywords as much as possible throughout your site.

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  1. rentaprogrammer says:

    You can Google SEO or search engine optimization and come up with a lot of good ones. But to sum them all up and save you some reading time, here`s what you need to do:

    1 – Get links from other web sites that point to yours. is an important and free one. Beyond that, start trading links. If you have the funds, buy links from the biggies like Yahoo.

    2 – Figure out how you want people to find you (which words and phrases). Then, build a page about each phrase. Be sure and use those phrases liberally including in the title, headers, meta tags and alt image text.