Searching for Advertising Suggestions for a Golf League Website?

Question by Rich: Searching for Advertising Suggestions for a Golf League Website?
I’m looking for marketing suggestions to attract customers to my golf league management website (I won’t list the site so I’m not accused of spamming). I have an Adwords account, I’ve gotten great rankings with keywords like “Golf League Management” (usually #1 or 2) on Yahoo and, and within the top 10 on Google. I’ve also posted to golf blogs and directories.

Golf leagues are so seasonal that I basically have a 2-3 month window each year to get new customers. They trickle in by finding it through the search engines, but obviously I’d like to maximize this as much as possible.

I’ve been considering dropping by some golf courses and trying to give a quick unsolicited pitch to whoever’s behind the counter in the golf pro shop, but I’m not sure how this will go over.

Any other suggestions out there? I’ve gotten great feedback from the leagues that are using it, but how do I convince others that it offers much more than they can do with an individual software program?

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Answer by DRIGLAZ
I would like to see the ad words account. are you using conversion tracking, content match? do you have a cost per lead and/or sale?

But it sounds like you need more keywords or a keyword strategy.

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  1. JLMelvin says:

    You could try sending out direct mail pieces to golf clubs / country clubs.

    Also, you could place ads on one of the many free online classifieds sites available

  2. Dave S says:

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