Search Engine Optimization Company?

Question by My Biz 2000: Search Engine Optimization Company?
I’m looking for a good SEO company or firm to do a few projects for me.

The company must ABSOLUTELY not outsource their content. I want only original in-house content from professional writers. I keep encountering SEO companies who outsource their content to garbage websites like Scriptlance and the content comes back very obviously written by non-native English-speakers.

Additionally, I would like a company who can provide me with comprehensive SEO posted to only PageRank 4 and above sites.

Anyone know of a solid company with affordable rates?

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i recommend the source below, they worked for me

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  1. ? says:


    To be able to find the best for your site you should post your project on freelance sites and internet marketing forums. You will them have people applying for your project and will be able to one who suits you best.

    There is also feedback system (something like references) so you will be able to check on the potential “employer”.

  2. Samta says:

    Ya I know about a company in india which can fulfills your seo needs, have a look at