Search Engine Optimisation – easy things even I could do..?

Question by Haribo: Search Engine Optimisation – easy things even I could do..?
Hi, i have just set up my own website – with no website building knowledge whatsoever. It was from a simple software package, which doesn’t really help me when it comes to SEO. I have no idea about html/code.etc etc…so all the info that I search for online is just too complicated for me! It makes my brain hurt! Any simple ideas how to get my website into search engines please.. Take a look :

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Answer by rmatera
Hi Helena,

It can be very frustrating when your on a tight budget and need to get some support. I feel for you! I will try and monitor this question and help you as much as I can. However, please note that teaching someone html and editing their site code takes time.

– What web building system are you using? I will need to know this before I can help you too much, as some online website builders won’t allow you access to modify much of the code behind your site.

I see that you loaded Google’s site verification code into your site…however, you placed it in the wrong place. It’s showing on the bottom of your home page. The line of code you got from them needs to be placed in the “head” tags of your website. Depending on my above question on what system you’re using, you may not have access to the head tags area of code except to edit Title, Description, and Keywords.

This is what you need to look for – in the top of your code look for , then look for
These are called head tags. The first one is called the “open head tag” and the other is called “closing head tag”. Your Google code needs to be place between these two.

I hope this helps,
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  1. Keith B says:

    Hi Haribo…I recommend the following:

    - Add privacy and disclosure policies to your site.
    - Create a site map to satisfy Google.
    - Submit your site to Google and other search engines.

    There are plenty of free tutorials online on how to do this…just carry out a search. Google Webmaster Tools will be useful to you as well. Add Google Analytics to monitor the amount of traffic you are getting.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Studio98 says:

    There are some simple steps that you can take for off-site SEO, but this is of course is only going to work if you have your onsite SEO in line. Assuming you have relevant content on your pages and some keywords picked out, you can search the net for some free services such as which will get you into the search engine directories or at least some of them. Otherwise, I suggest setting up a WordPress blog on your own domain name if possible and just start cranking out the content that focuses on your keywords. At least a post a day around 200 or more words. Make the posts worthwhile for readers. Then set up an account with a bookmarking/status posting service like, taking the time to set up complete profiles on each of its websites and using their service to bookmark and share your blog posts and pages of your website. SEO is very time consuming and this is why most people outsource, but if you are just buying time till you can afford to hire out, then these are good steps to spread yourself around the net and start generating traffic.

  3. Pascal says:


    The best answer newcomers in the field of SEO can get is from parties directly involved, namely, search engines.

    So would it be great to have some SEO advices from, let’s say, Google? So I strongly suggest you start with Google’s SEO Starter Guide—it’s tailored for website owners who want to introduced themselves to SEO (see the link in the Source section at the bottom).

    Note: Sites specialized SEO are excellent, but you need to start with the basics then move for the next step to such sites by registering to their newsletter.

    I also suggest you to read the best answer I gave to the question “Hello..please how to increase visitors to my website?”, which describes the steps to take to ensure your site is properly register with the major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, hence, you’ll benefit from their invaluable feedback—how they see your site, problems encountered, and how to fix them.

    As others noted, there are plenty of redhibitory defects in your page, this could be easily fixed, so drop me an email at

    SEO directly from the field