Search Engine Link Building?

Question by Dannie: Search Engine Link Building?
What link building techniques should I use to get “high quality” inbound links to my website? I do not want to build links from unrelated and centralized link farms. I’m looking for suggestions that contain ethical search engine optimization techniques, and produce lasting results.

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Locate websites that compliment the topicality of your site. For example, if you sell camping equipment, link to RV makers, camp site websites and other sites that run parallel to the same products you sell and are trying to reach the same demographic.

If you’re selling hearing aids on-line, link to:

health care plans
glasses sites
walkers, canes and adaptive devices
cruise ships (seniors cruise a lot; they also buy hearing aids)

The key is this – if the link furthers the search of your site visitor (even though you don’t get the sale) it’s a good link.

Over time, as you collect related links you’ll discover that some rank higher or lower but you will have a lot more links.

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  1. Charles Lucas says:

    There’s a good guide to increase your traffic here: The tips described there are quite simple but very effective.Check out tip number 5, it will help you rank high on search engines in a relatively small amount of time.

    And if you’re willing to invest some time into it you should also consider reading the book “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson, it tells you a lot of practical and effective ways to market your business for very little or no money at all.

    Hope this is useful.

  2. jim p says:

    quit waisting time with all that ….google algorithms change so much that once you figure it out and spend time doing it you lose your ranks again cause of new changes.

    Stick with PPC and article marketing you will really do well if you go about it the right way.

    Leave seo to the experts.

  3. k_o_o_l_g_u_y4 says:

    forums are best places to get links

  4. tccommerce says:

    We wrote a popular article discussing 13 metrics to use when gauging the quality of a link:

    Seek out links that meet those requirements, and your rankings will improve.