Q&A: Which is the best forum site for SEO and why?

Question by Nadia: Which is the best forum site for SEO and why?
Need to know your expert opinion since I want to learn more about SEO from experts in the industry. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Jam Hassan
i am Working in SEO/SEM from last 4 years. i have used many Forums but these two forums are the best forums .



Reason :

See their PR .
No of visitors a day .
Large amount of Posts Replies & threads
No spammy Content & replies.
Their Fantastic Maintainability of SERP

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11 Responses to “Q&A: Which is the best forum site for SEO and why?”

  1. Andrew Hallinan says:

    I’m a pretty big fan of sitepoint.com myself.

    The reason I like Sitepoint is because other websites are ONLY about SEO, but to be honest, SEO is only ONE SMALL PART of owning a legit business.

    Sitepoint is all about online marketing in general – not only about SEO.

  2. booze says:

    I think the best forum sites for SEO are DigitalPoint, SEO Chat and V7N. These are excellent forums where you can learn and improve your knowledge in SEO.

  3. Sitikantha Pattnaik says:

    The following are the few good forum websites. Go through these sites to learn better seo, but must go through all the rules and regulations of the sites.

  4. friedmanadie says:

    Aside from Sitepoint… these two are one of the best forum site that caters SEO. Both has PR 7

    If you want to to DIY Seo… you can start reading SEO ebooks which offers a not-so-complicated to follow steps for newbies and not so techy people. I recommend that you get a copy of “SEO and Socail Media Marketing Guide”, authored by Tom Heatherington.

  5. Kasey315 says:

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  6. Aamira says:

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  7. Reeya106 says:

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  8. Kayley2063 says:

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  9. Amiera1212 says:

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  10. Suraiya1094 says:

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  11. Jettie865 says:

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