Q&A: What would help my chances of getting into College the most? General guidance needed 4 CompSci/Football Guy.?

Question by : What would help my chances of getting into College the most? General guidance needed 4 CompSci/Football Guy.?
First off, a little back story so that you’ll understand everything. Basically, didn’t do that well in High School just getting low B’s and High C’s despite the simplicity of those courses. I just didn’t think any of it would be that important at the moment, and now its coming back to bite me in the a$ $ .

Well sort of anyway, I spent the time I was supposed to be doing homework learning computer programming and other divisions of computer science. I graduated high school May 2009, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to college yet so I gave myself a year off.

Now it’s January, and I’m wanting to go to college. I just took my SAT’s and will be getting my scores back on February 19th. I’ve been looking at Colleges such as:

Rice University (First Choice)
Harvey Mudd (heard this school was tough, but i’ve always liked a challenge)
University Of Texas at Austin (School i’ve always dreamt of going to)
Texas A&M
Ohio State
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I am VERY interested in genetic programming, and have been toying around with it lately. I am also well versed in OOP principles, and making flexible, reusable, and extensible programs. I have experience developing software for clients via freelancing websites such as rentacoder.com and scriptlance.com.

As you might be able to tell, I am very confused as to what I need to do now. I was wondering if applying genetic programming to solve some sort of problem would increase my chances of getting into these schools. Would any other type of computer programming projects help my chances of getting in? Is my real world software development experience helpful in getting me into college?

Also, my family is making little to no income right now so I should be eligible for financial aid. I have found a ton of resources online, but I’m not sure what to do with all of them. I’m basically lost right now, and asking for some guidance for anyone that has been in a similar situation. Also, here is a list of skills that I have:

Graphic Design (beginner to intermediate)
PHP (5 years experience)
C# (3 years experience)
*nix administration
I’m great with Regex
Security vulnerabilities (hackthissite.com hellboundhackers.org and finding vulner. on local machine)
C++ (beginnner)
Java (beginner to intermediate, very similar to C#)
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Ad copy testing/tracking conversions
Google Adwords Specialist

I also might consider playing football in college, here are my relevant attributes:
6’4 198 lbs
4.6 40 yard dash
225 lbs X 1 (weak I know)
32″ vertical
4.43 20 yard shuttle

Another thing of note is I have impeccable balance and control of my body due to training parkour for 2 years. Here is parkour:




As you can tell, i’ve had a ton of hobbies over the years… any help or guidance is appreciated.

- Cody

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LMAO!!! You are ONE pathetic little boy.

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