Q&A: What is the big deal about spam?

Question by shereseconnell: What is the big deal about spam?
I just dont get what the big fuss is about spam? Why is spam being targeted so ferociosly; especially when untargeted advertising is a common theme in biz marketing practices. Consumers are forced to: watch commercials, banner ads on the websites they visit, text ads when doing a simple search on a search engine, postcards and junk mail from direct marketers etc

So what makes email so special? If I have a website that does real business and I buy a list of emails to spread the word about my business, why should I worry about “being punished” for doing that.

What really gets me is that small time entreprenuers who are in business themselves are some of the main people pushing the idea about spam.

To me its like saying, youd rather pay Google and Yahoo $ $ $ for PPC–

Yes, i do understand about XXX ads but people have bulk email folders etc to deal with that

So why should real businesses have to suffer if they choose to use bulk email as a marketing tool
So its ok to advertise endlessly if you pay for it. Is ok to pay for cable tv but still have to watch commercials. Spam can disappear with just a click of your mouse. I get spam too most of them go to my bulk folder. I bulk folder about once aweek, scan it for anything good then click trash.

Iam looking for thoughtful responses not little kids giving me attitude because I have an argument for spam.

I just want to know what makes email so untouchable while almost every other method.

Is it ok to get junk mail in your real mail box from people that say “You have just won 1 million dollars”

whats the real difference. At least with email you are not wasting paper.
Iam not looking for stupid people to attack my character. I dont spam and I dont have business yet. Iam trying to assess the market for myself and understand the real problem with spam too but Iam not so emotional about I just erase it.
Email is a free communication platform, just like the platform we use to to search for websites.

If you pay for cable tv is it fair that you still have to watch commercials on certain channels.

I live in America and it is a free market, capitalist system and the laws that govern that nation say it is legal to spam as long as you abide by their guidelines.

Why are people so emotional about spam? When there are bigger things to be emotional about it the world?

What are homegrown business providers to do, when they have a good business to offer but only a limited amount of funds to advertise?

Even big websites like Monster.com sends me spam and I dont hate them for that.

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Answer by p0
There is a difference, TV ad and banner on websites are paid advertisement, spams, however, are not. When ads are shown on TV, I choose to watch TV, or visit internet website for that matter. Spam, on the other hand, are unexpected advertisment that I don’t care about, they fill my mail box and cluster my normal email.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: What is the big deal about spam?”

  1. Mitch says:

    Do you like getting lots of junk mail delivered to your home address? If so, do you read *any* of it.

    I have more important things to do in my life than hear endless sales pitches from thousands and thousands of “small time entrepreneurs” like yourself.


  2. la india says:

    If people want your or any other product, they know how to surf to find it. The problem with folks like U is that you trade off lists and when someone signs on to pc it’s full of GARBAGE, like YOURS. We can’t control what TV or Radio does, but we like to think we can control what WE PAY FOR.

  3. tt says:

    probaly because just junk mail