Q&A: Search Engine Optimization and Links from Other Domains?

Question by ___: Search Engine Optimization and Links from Other Domains?
one way to to get a top ranking in search engines is that other websites link to me from their websites

but what kind of link?

1. www.mypage.com


2. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=mypage
What is the purpose of using the second kind of link?

i saw some people use it

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Answer by mawduce65
There are two ways to increase your ranking on search engines with links. The simplest is the one you described. Ask someone to put a banner, or link on their website with yours as the destination. It is for this reason that some less-than-honest web designers would sometimes create what is known as link farms. These were non-visible websites that simply just had a bunch of links on them to whatever websites the designer was trying to promote. This is actually illegal and Google searches for these link farms periodically and blocks the destination website. The second, and better way to get search engine coverage is by advertising with a host of pay-per-click systems or banner advertising agencies. In this way, when Google searches for the most popular websites under a specific topic, it will see the links to your website on other networks and assume you are important and place you higher on the list. This is an effective way to increase your rankings without spending much. You simply sign up a new account with a bunch of pay-per-click agencies (including Google), and keep the bidding very low on all your keywords, except on the Google account. In this way, you get the network coverage you need, but keep the advertising spending low and limit it to the Google account where you will attract the most customers. While links are an important step in increasing your search engine ranking, there are also other steps that can be taken that will improve your ranking, and they don’t cost anything. Search the web for search engine optimization. You will get a host of companies offering a service related to this, but you will also find some good advise on improving your rankings. In the end, no one really knows what pleases the Google god, and Google isn’t talking.

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  1. mmoguru says:

    Ok, second question first.

    Link 1 is a link to the web site’s homepage. This is a general type of link telling people about a particular business, community, service oranization etc.

    Link 2 is called a deep link (in the SEO business) and is used to link to a specific piece of information.

    The best type of link you can create is one with anchor text. The anchor text is specific in the HTML make-up of the link. Here’s how it works:

    Anchor Text

    (Note: the above does not appear as a link as Yahoo! Answers disables them).

    Search engines take note of this anchor text and make note of it’s relevancy toward the site it’s linking to. If you were wanting to promote Amazon.com and wanted to relate it to the subject of books, you might create the following link:

    Buy Books Online

    SEO is a huge subject and this is only a very small element of what is involved in building links. If you want to learn more, I suggest going to http://www.SEOmoz.org and reading their Beginniners Guide to SEO (which can be found here http://www.seomoz.org/article/beginners-guide-to-search-engine-optimization).

    Best of luck!

  2. Terry R says:

    The first answer is somewhat ridiculous. Paying for PPC ads on any search network will do absolutely nothing for your websites rankings. Don’t even believe that for a second.

    The second answer is very correct. You want to get one way links from a variety of websites that follow and nofollow for a variety of words and phrases, especially http://www.yoursitename.com.

    Commenting on blogs is a very effective way to get these links.

    You will need more links than your competitors to rank in Google.

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