Q&A: POLL: Google VS Bing…… Which is your favourite search engine?

Question by Sugar Stick =): POLL: Google VS Bing…… Which is your favourite search engine?
Microsoft and Yahoo combined forces to create the bing.com search engine to provide a tougher competition in the market =P

Especially since 65% of people use google alone !

Have you tried bing.com? I really like it… its cool !

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Answer by (ѕвω) #1 ѕσηηу-вιℓℓ

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18 Responses to “Q&A: POLL: Google VS Bing…… Which is your favourite search engine?”

  1. Andrei. says:

    google 4ever!!

  2. Alissa says:


  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve tried bing.com before, but I like google.com better. :D

  4. Austin says:

    I like Bing better.

  5. Brooke K says:

    in my opinion search results are search results no matter what site is displaying them.

    i like google better because i’m more used to it and i like that the “google” logo changes on holidays and important peoples’ death/birthday anniversaries.

  6. ♥. s u p e r s t a r [he said!i says:

    bing is preety much cool! but i’m used to google.

  7. d p says:

    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, next

  8. Jon says:

    i like google because it loads up really quick because its blank. Thats why many other people dont use it too

  9. Starzlet says:

    Google for me!

  10. DJ Rock says:

    Google i like
    Google 4ever
    Google my favourite
    Google the largest
    Google the highest
    Google the funniest
    Google the 3d
    Google for the world
    Google the earth

  11. maruxz says:

    If Google will continue tolerating all SEO tricks when shitty sites come in the first place and 10 year old sites does not show up in 5th page, I would say that Bing is da best.

    So far – Google rulezz, but it is nice to have no2. search engine for alternative results.

  12. Vikas Gupta India says:

    Google is a most popular search engine.
    Bing is going more usable.
    So it’s a confusing question.
    Bing is going now better than google in quality, performances and things like showing page’s some matter at right BUT GOOGLE is the Best for me.
    Google searches a exact search that bing can’t. So use google whenever bing not gets a exact searching formula.
    I’ve tried both. And the result is Google. Google have given me a lot of right results. But when I used bing, i can’t got right results.

  13. Fl0rin3 says:

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