Q&A: Marketing “Custom iPod Covers”?

Question by James G: Marketing “Custom iPod Covers”?
Hi there, I run a company producing “ipod decals” – paper thin, protective ipod covers which also offer an intricate design.
We offer a range of pre made designs on our website, and custom designs – in my local area i have found students to be enthusiastic about it – ordering pre made, and custom ones with photos / bands on etc.

You can see our site at http://www.pimp-my-ipod.com

I was hoping for some suggestions for increasing traffic? I am a web developer by trade so let the jargon roll on!

Analytics shows I have about 80 visits a day, mainly from referring sites / search engines, and I would estimate about 2 sales a week at the moment. The site is a few months old.


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Answer by researchingthings
Hi James,
Sounds like you have an exciting business.

Since your market is iPod owners, have you considered using a niche mailing list of 1) people who registered their iPods or 2) one based on the habits/hobbies of the iPod owner?

You can then send your target market an email (if you rent an opt in list), personalized direct mail and/or PURL (personal URL) to advertise your business.

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