Q&A: Is there a market for publishing short stories online?

Question by Tim: Is there a market for publishing short stories online?
I have some short stories and would like to publish them (not to make money just so as many people as possible can read them). I have the means to publish the stories to the Internet – is there a market for this? Do I have the potential to get a large base of readers if the stories are good and the site is found on the search engines?
Note: I don’t want to make ANY money from this

I am a web designer and search engine optimiser by trade so I can publish the works myself – I’m asking – is there a market out there for it? I.e. Is there the potential to get a lot of traffic.

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Answer by ver-j
First get to know how good you are.
Why not join an online forum

I found you one, actually I’m a member:


for poetry: www.everypoet.org/pffa

and here are some publications:


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  1. DR says:

    Most authors know journals barely pay if at all and online journals generally don’t pay at all.

    However, if you want to see your work in print. Try these:

    Spoon River Creative Writers has a new Ezine http://srcw.us –it’s a cool website and a solid organization. The Ezine should be worthwhile. Nothing to join here. The website also has good links.

    http://www.abctales.com For prose only.

    http://www.newpages.com/npguides/litmags.htm–Lists journals both electronic and paper. This is a good place to start exploring the world of publishing either electronically or in print.

    Best of luck.