Q&A: Is there a book that I can buy on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Question by amitsdave: Is there a book that I can buy on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
I heard about SEO a few weeks ago and could not find a good book on it. Could you please suggest a good book and possible link to buy it.

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No particular recommendation but a clue, Search on amazon.com and the reader’s reviews can help you find out the good one. You can also look at some chapters or index before actually buying it.

Try should also try oreilly.com

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Is there a book that I can buy on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?”

  1. Kahmer says:

    There is a site that just launched that should have what you need:

  2. globalsem says:

    seobook.com It is possibly the best. Aaron Wall is a genius.

  3. SEO_007 says:

    I have read numerous publications on SEO and SEM and I believe that the SEO Bible is the most thorough read.

    Amazon link:

    Also there are a lot of websites that give you local SEO options too like


  4. Adam says:

    yea there are many books but the best ebook there is

    Is written by Micheal Coleman…his ebook has shown thousands of people over the last 5 years how to get traffic to your website and SEO tricks millions dont know about

    Get a copy of the ebook at Freewebsitetraffic.tv

  5. Loviho says:

    SEO is something that changes constantly. You must constantly keep up to date with it. SEO book can be a very good read, but in most cases it can become obsolete in a few months. You should better consider some professional membership SEO website. I can suggest you reading some free articles for a start.

  6. alexspur says:

    I find that the dummies books are great for beginners. They give you what you need to know and don’t bog you down in jargon and acronyms such as seo, ppc, sem, and so on. Hope this helps!