Q&A: i would like to know about search engine optimization how can i do that?

Question by rakesh b: i would like to know about search engine optimization how can i do that?
i want to put my website on top of the search engine please tell me how do i do that

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Answer by sandy
i also have a website, and i gave this job to a SEO professional, he did this very well.
I would suggest if you don’t know ABC of SEO, then think of taking the services of SEO professional, though they charge a lot but give you value for money.
Good Luck !!

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  1. memetrader says:

    Search engine optimization is like anything else, if you want to learn how to do it properly it takes time and effort. Start learning with this Tutorial http://www.seo-blog.com/tutorial.php

  2. linkme2mrseo says:

    Thats is easy, see my site I do a podcast that teaches SEO, articles on SEO and there is a forum. Check it out.

  3. Jill B says:

    Build links for other sites to yours! I use an EZ program that finds good sites, send out an email invite to trade links and even builds the link pages.

    Once you have other sites pointing at your site, rankings zoom up! I know, I did it and my Adsense income runs about $ 25 per day!

    It takes time! But, it really works!
    Also, check out the FREE website award program thru the second link below.



  4. Hiroko says:

    I understand what I ought to to do, even so are not familiar with where to start!

  5. Sampson2077 says:

    Folks are whacky these days. Maybe that explain the idea?