Q&A: I have a web site to market products, and want to add links to improve traffic. I need help on the processes.

Question by Edie B: I have a web site to market products, and want to add links to improve traffic. I need help on the processes.
My web site is www.keep-safelockbox.com, and so far I don’t have it on any search engines but Yahoo and a few free ones. I want to link to some child safety organizations that I’ve researched and have some urls to send letters requesting approval. I also am planning to add affiliates who offer other child safety products when I write an ezine web site with info on the subject. I know how to get domain names and have assistance with creating web sites, but what is the process for adding both incoming and outgoing links. Can any web master or other expert help me?

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Answer by C J
The key to achieving improved traffic isn’t just geared around having links on your site. You want to have valued links on your site.

I suggest locating the top keywords within your topic and create links on those keywords. Engines search on keywords. These are the words that web surfers use to locate info on your topic.

Also, you want to link within your site. So for example if you mention on your home page something like “child protection articles”, and you have a page with articles, then link that phrase to that page within your site. Again, this will force the engine crawler to search further into site and give you higher ranking.

There’s a lot more to it. I hope you have found value in what I’ve shared.

C.F. Jackson


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  1. Queens, NYC says:

    Hi, I can’t give you the help you’re asking. I have an online store(http://www.kkasual.com/) and Pay-Per-Click with “Keywords” worked fine for my store. Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your site in search results across the Web. So you connect with customers who are searching for what you sell. You can open an account with $ 5 and get $ 50 credit when you sign up. http://smallbusiness.sbc.yahoo.com/marketing/sponsoredsearch.php

    Lately I’ve been placing free ads all over, exchanging banners, using blogs to promote my business, sending emails and using free search engine submissions.

    Here are some links. I hope it helps.

    -Free classifieds on the net
    http://www.kkasual.com/ (“Classified” section on the upper center side-a lot of good and free info also)
    and many others…

    Also start a blog to promote your site, it’s free:
    http://www.myspace.com/ etc, etc,…

    -Try Search Engine Submission – (There are so many around and some charge a setup fee, others don’t and some are free)

    Try banners exchange

    Free community papers Ads
    Email campain, etc,etc,…

    Good luck!!!!!

    P.s.: The latest around is “Pay-Per-Lead” from “Exchangeplace”-Accoona. It’s brand new, I went to the event on July 18,2006 but I can’t tell you much about it right naw. Just check it out and follow up how it’s doing.



  2. atmarketingdreamz says:

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