Q&A: How should i do marketing for my website?

Question by farah: How should i do marketing for my website?
i have started small business from home, i am only dependent on my website to get me business. here is link to my website, www.fhpackaging.com, it has industrial products like tapes, adhesives, dispenser, polybags etc. i don’t know how to get this website to the customers. i do not have a single order until now. nobody has called me yet. its like more than 6 months my website is online. i have also contacted one company and they told me to do SEO(Search Engine Optimization)for my website. and right now they are working on that but i am not sure if that will help me generate traffic to my website and i will start getting orders and calls from the customers??

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Answer by Protege’
You need a product or service, something to sell or promote. You can give things away for free and still make money.

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  1. bluefootedpig says:

    the problem is that company websites normally take a long time to actually get going. The best thing you can do is the following

    1) google adds, drop 500 bucks into it for advertising
    2) register your domain for more than 1 year. 1 year looks like a testing instead of an actual business and search engines check that.

    Also, start up a blog on the website. Look into wordpress. Blogs generate a lot of traffic. So what you do is blog about your products, have a product review once a week. Then get your blog indexed on other sites, and do link trading with other blog sites.

    What you would want to do is in each blog, have a direct link to that product on your site.

    Otherwise, the site doesn’t look that bad. Good Luck.

  2. John says:

    go to http://www.postingleague.com they can advertise your site alot! it is new and revolutionary, so you will get a great deal, until it starts becoming bigger. Just go to the Your company section for more information.

  3. cwilgus says:

    Hey you will get everyone comming out of the woodwork telling you that they have the thing you need, so I am going to get in line with them. I bought an ebook, the only one I ever bought and I have used it on everything I do since I read it. I refference to it almost daily. Best money I ever spent. It talks about buying and selling websites, but the kicker is he goes into serious depth of almost all SEO techniques availiable today. That way someone buying and selling websites can ramp up the traffic in a short time to resell at tremendous profits. Listen don’t buy and spend the next 5 years asking how to get it done, it doesnt matter to me, but if you are serious and want to get a jump on the game I would grab it up quick. Check it out here’s the link click now=> http://www.chadwilgus.com

  4. Rajiv M says:

    You can try PPC ads on yahoo, google, msn etc to get traffic.

  5. trentton j says:

    visit ranknumberoneongoogle.com

    they willput your site ranked number one on the google search engines in 24 hours

  6. Debbi1944 says:

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