Q&A: How many people think Bing and Google will ultimately cause Yahoo to go under?

Question by David: How many people think Bing and Google will ultimately cause Yahoo to go under?
They’ve already agreed to stop being their own search engine, have lost more market share consistently, and are closed right now from an office standpoint to save money.

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Answer by asdfghjklqwert
Bing is production of yahoo and google but in case of yahoo search it’s not good as google

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How many people think Bing and Google will ultimately cause Yahoo to go under?”

  1. Laz H says:

    I just don’t understand how i ended up with a bing search button in my tool bar when i didn’t even ask for it.

  2. Ninvin21 says:

    Aint nobody going no where, Bing was (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search

    On July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced that they had made a 10-year deal in which the Yahoo! search engine would be replaced by Bing. Yahoo! will get to keep 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales on its site for the first five years of the deal, and have the right to sell adverts on some Microsoft sites. Yahoo! Search will still maintain its own user interface, but will eventually feature “Powered by Bing” branding.

  3. Dunbar Pappy says:

    Sometimes Yahoo is it’s own worst enemy: with a corporate philosophy of forcing feeding advertising before providing the service in question (such as direct search results) that can only be ‘turned off’ by jumping through hoops, disabling half a dozen unwanted 3rd party ‘near scams’, and other time consuming procedures nobody likes.
    IMHO: Questionable privacy matters aside, Google has had the best search engine, with the most reliable results for the average user, and will likely hold on to it’s #1 rating for many months.

    Note to LAZ:
    Bing likely was ‘piggybacked’ in one of the Microsoft updates.
    Disable it if you don’t want it: IE> Tools> Manage add-on’s> highlight Bing> Remove> OK out.

  4. Zephaniah1968 says:

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