Q&A: gorilla marketing via the web?

Question by royce m: gorilla marketing via the web?
my generation is based on word of mouth and gorilla warfare when it comes to hitting the streets promoting one thing or another.
i have been on this site here for a few days now and see a bunch of BS Questions that look to me like someone is trying to spread misinformation.

so my question is, what percentage of questions out there do you think are asked for the benefit of throwing mud at either candidate? and do you think these people posing the questions are paid?
keep in mind that many people make a living on submitting code onto search engines specifically to achieve a higher ranking.
it is very possible that the same strategy is being used in this forum.

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Answer by thor_torkenson
Welcome to Yahoo Answers. Idle chatter for the incredibly bored at work.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: gorilla marketing via the web?”

  1. In another place says:

    I agree.

  2. Wild Colonial Girl says:

    Look,maybe there are people here posting for and against
    certain candidates. So what? I am certainly not going to
    allow this to influence my decisions.

    Church of Scientology has been trying for YEARS to change
    public opinion via the Internet. Every chat room,every forum,
    they are there. Ask your self how successful they have been.

  3. Eric says:

    when I think legal and political knowlege I think the Law Office of Eric J. Smith http://www.midcitieslaw.com

    Other than that I have no idea what you are talking about… abusing the good people of yahoo answers?!? After the stringent screening process we all had to go through to offer our esteemed advice?

    People do it all the time. Hopefully they are getting paid or some other benefit, but many just like to spew their beliefs out here. If it gets too glutted with unnatural responses, the forum will be less interesting and we unwashed gorillas will go elsewhere.