Q&A: FAKE WEBSITE? Please help me research a product- I think that the marketer may have created a “dummy page”?

Question by taurusphere: FAKE WEBSITE? Please help me research a product- I think that the marketer may have created a “dummy page”?
I’m browsing through clickbank, looking for good products to promote. I came across a “Magnetic Generator Kit” called “Magnets4energy”. (The product is supposed to be an info product on how to build a special magnetic generator.) I went to the website and found it a little hard to follow, since it’s a technical video about the research and development of the product overseas.

But there is also text to read, which tells people feel skepticaltric companies have been secretly using this technology. Sorry, but I started to feel skeptical when the ad began to play on this conspiracy theory material.

But I kept an open mind and went on the check the new product out, searching for it in a scam search and in a Rip Off Report search. It was clean. Then I found a link that made mention of magnets4energy and clicked it. I found myself on a page that claims to review products. It claimed that there were many such products but only two had worthwhile reviews. This “dummy page” appeared to belong to a website called “Opinions. Real Reviews by Real People.” There were links at the top of the page, so I clicked on the home page to find out more about this site. Nothing happened. I entered the name and slogan into my search engine, but there wasn’t even a remote match.

BOTTOM LINE: CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS A DUMMY PAGE OR IF IT IS A REAL SITE AND I”M JUST MISSING SOMETHING? Here’s the link at the top of my google chrome search engine: http://www.magneticenergyproject.com/# You may have to paste it.

I was planning to write a blog to promote this, but it looks like I may be writing to the Rip Off Report instead! THIS REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A FAKE SITE TO ME! If it is, should I report this to clicbank?

P.S. Any marketing tips to help me stay away from promoting fake, deceptive, and crappy stuff?

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Answer by rtfm
The review site is so new that it’s not even listed with the WHOIS registry yet. That means it’s just been created within the last week or so.

Ordinarily, you could compare the owner’s information of the review site with the owner of the original site and see if they’re the same. You won’t be able to do that in this case, because the original site is registered to an anonymizer — a service that prevents the owner’s information from becoming public. There’s your first clue. Legit sites usually don’t bother hiding their corporate contacts.

As for how to stay away from deceptive and fake sites — sorry, but there’s not really any way to teach “common sense”. If you want to believe that there really is some magic new energy technology that isn’t in the news and isn’t being sold by real corporations, but is *only* available at some lame-looking site claiming that the government and the electric companies are in on a conspiracy … well, go ahead and believe it.

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  1. bf says:

    “Product” itself is a scam. If you are looking to sell this stuff, you will be the same scammer as people you are trying to avoid.

    Why are you posting this crap in “Search Engine Optimization” section?