Q&A: Does google and yahoo bookmark give any seo benefit?

by tm-md

Question by Abu Monsur: Does google and yahoo bookmark give any seo benefit?
If I bookmark my articles using google and yahoo bookmark,will I get any seo benefit?

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Answer by Janeth D
The links don’t count for much, however they will help a little.

It will also help speed up the time it takes to get your page indexed.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Does google and yahoo bookmark give any seo benefit?”

  1. Paul Benoit says:

    You won’t get direct SEO benefit from bookmarking them yourself. Other users of Google and Yahoo could enjoy your page enough to link it off their own pages; that will increase your seo. The number of users who link to your site indicate to the search engines that you have content of value and it appeals enough to people that it is worth linking.

    If you look at a Google bookmark list, you’ll notice that it doesn’t actually link to your site, instead it links to Google with a redirect. That removes the value you would have received with a static link on a page. Look in the source for an example of a Google bookmark list.

    Share as much valuable content as you can, that is what will generate the best SEO value.

  2. Jeff Spoke says:

    You will get better results if others bookmark your sites.

  3. Cyber says:

    Bookmarking it by yourself is not enough, think it is just one user that has bookmarked it. Try to make your content or website attractive enough that visitors want to come to it again and again that will help you as far as real SEO benefits are concern.

    You can add automated tool that gives your visitor an option to “Bookmark This Page” that will surely help your cause. But the thing is that it should be attractive or informative enough for visitors to do it.

    Best Of Luck.

  4. Sienna Brian says:

    Yes, it can also contribute some benefit not that much but it could be something.

  5. Samantha says:

    I dont think it works a lot, i tried use them for over 2 months, but didnt see any benefit, so i tried other bookmarking websites which is way better than that.

  6. Casey Fox says:

    Bookmarking is one of the factors to get your site indexed by google. You might also wanna try directory submission to increase your backlinks. And of course, you would need an seo tool for your seo stats. check out http://www.seocockpit.com it lets you know all of your backlinks, etc.