Q&A: Do you see advantages of Social Media for yourself in your career, business, educ.,?

Question by QueryJ: Do you see advantages of Social Media for yourself in your career, business, educ.,?
Do you know how to use Social Media to further your own interests? Do you think Social Media should be a distinct and separate category on its own?

Categories where Social Media Questions are asked:

Safety, Consumer Electronics, Family, Society-Other, Cellphones, Law and Ethics, Advertising, Education, Society & Culture, Careers & Employment, Economics, Investing, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, Social Science, Technology

Sample of Questions asked about Social Media:

Why do people text? Is texting safe with hands free device when driving?
How would you show your knowledge of social media in a job interview?
Any business name ideas for a social media marketing company?
What are the different forms of social media that exist today?
How useful are social media platforms for marketing?
How does social media help in measuring the return of investment of a company?
How does social media marketing work?
How can I incorporate social media into my small business marketing effort?
Do you look for new social media sites when the others get boring?
How is Social Media related to science and technology?

Additional Details
The question asks would you understand advantages of using Social Media if the subject was categorized under one major category instead of 15 separate categories? Would you be interested in learning more about advancing your career or business?

Best answer:

Answer by Ramamoorthi Pachayappan
Social Media because telling some information and not solve it …………….time of wasting

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